Instrument Reservation

Using LU Instrument Laboratory Online Instrument Booking System

1. Login to: with your user name and password. If you are a new user you'll need to register prior to booking time on an instrument. Click on register and fill in all required fields, including your academic supervisor. Note that on some browsers you may have to zoom out to access all the registration fields. Do not forget your login and password details as they cannot be recovered if lost.

2. Select an instrument from the pull-down list and press & accept. (If you are newly registered, you will have to wait for a confirmation email.)

3. Select the start and finish day(s) and times when needed and fill in the required information fields. Enter your name and the number of samples or number of hours requested in the experiment description window and click on the submit button. The day and time should now be highlighted in salmon colour, indicating this time is requested. The technician responsible for this instrument will be automatically notified of this request and will approve it if possible.

Please allow sufficient time for the approval ie. don't book an instrument just minutes before you need it.

Please note that ICP booking times are approximate only samples will be analyzed at the most cost and resource efficient times. Turnaround time normally 5 business days, but usually less.

4. Only after the time slot is changed to green, indicating approval, can the instrument be used. You will be notified by email if/when the request is approved. Please show up on time for your booking. If you are unable to attend, call the lab at 343-8294. 

5. After instrument usage, login again, select the instrument, and click on the schedule status tab and click on completed. Fill in the actual time used in the Hours Used: tab. Also include the total hours of use and number of samples in the experiment description window. Start with the # of hours (or samples if applicable) first in the descriptor box, then followed by your name and group. Click on update.

6. Always fill out the instrument logbook as well when using any instrument.

7. Failure to follow these procedures may result in restricted access to LUIL facilities.

If you wish to book the ICP-AES, please review and follow these steps.