LUIL Laboratory User Guide

The LUIL provides hands-on access to most of the instruments after appropriate training. Students at Lakehead University have the ability to operate some of Canada's most advanced analytical facilities including the nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer, confocal laser microscope, FTIR, and scanning electron microscope. Exceptions are the ICP-AES (students submit samples), XRD (students can load their samples and then process the data on the workstation), GC-MS and LC-MS (students submit samples and process data), CHNS (submit samples). 

LUIL is open 24 hrs-7 days a week.  An electronic key card is available to students that require access outside of working hours. To access LUIL, students should first printout the userguide and request permission from their academic supervisor. Note that there is a training cost which the student's academic supervisor must cover as well as instrument user fees for each instrument. If a user requires additional support after training or requests that LUIL staff operate the equipment there is an additional support fee.

LUIL has a biosafety section for which all users must receive approval and training before access.  For students working on bio-hazardous materials, a biosafety protocol based on their materials must first  be approved by the University Biosafety Committee. For information on how to access the biosafety section please contact Greg Kepka,  343-8294. For information on how to deal with a bio-hazardous materials assigned as part of a research project, students should first obtain the protocol from their academic supervisor.

All users of the Lakehead University Instrumentation Laboratory must be approved to access the laboratory. Furthermore, approvals must be cleared before users may operate the analytical equipment. If you wish access to the laboratory, please download the ACCESS POLICIES form, print it off, and get the appropriate clearances and signatures.

Additionally, should you require access to the scanning electron microscope, you will need to download and print the SEM Use Form (.pdf). Please complete it and submit it to Dr. Francis Appoh, LUIL Director.

Questions and concerns can be directed to the laboratory Director, Dr. Francis Appoh at 807-343-8010, ext. 8853 or