QA/QC - LUCAS Associate Labs

LUCAS Laboratories are committed to maintaining quality in its services.

  1. Lakehead University Environmental Laboratory (LUEL) manages and operates the Quality Assurance System and the accreditation to ISO17025 for LUEL and ATRC.
  2. The ATRC is accredited by the CALA to ISO17025 protocols for LC50 Acute Toxicity (Trout and Daphnia magna).
  3. LUEL demonstrates proficiency through the CALA proficiency testing program for specific tests. To view the list of certified parameters please visit the CALA website.
  4. LUEL is accredited by CALA to ISO17025 for water and biological samples (see for a complete scope)
  5. LUEL has quality control staff to train analysts, monitor quality data and to perform internal audits.  The staff have completed the CALA internal auditing course.
  6. LUCAS uses NIST traceable reference material standards.
  7. Standard Operating Procedures are followed to ensure the reliability of the results and consist of guidelines, procedures and practices developed and implemented to produce quality data. Blanks, certified standards and duplicates are used to verify the effectiveness of quality control procedures and to evaluate the quality of the data.
  8. LUEL maintains a QA/QC library for staff training.
  9. Results generated by LUCAS laboratories are frequently published in international journals by Lakehead University scientists.

If you have any comments or questions regarding quality control please contact the lab directly.