Biofuels Calorie Testing

Whether you are a producer or user of biofuels, it is very important to know how much energy your fuel will release when burned. Biofuels calorie testing is often ordered in conjunction with a number of other tests that describe the fuel's various characteristics.

You might be interested in this service if you:

  • are currently producing biomass fuels,
  • are considering entering the biomass fuels market with your forest or agricultural waste products,
  • require analysis of raw fuel materials (feedstock) and resultant final product,
  • burn wood pellets to heat your home or farm and would like to know the amount of energy released.

How to prepare the sample before submission.

Not a lot of preparation is required, but it is a good idea to contact the laboratory before submitting a sample to make sure you submit an adequate sample. You want to make sure that you submit a representative the sample for the fuel to are interested in.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding biofuels, calorie testing, or other biofuels testing.


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