Technology transfer is made convenient with Lakehead University's Centre for Analytical Services (LUCAS) which acts as an access point to many of Lakehead University's laboratories. Internationally recognized scientists lead research teams that offer a wide range of expertise to users from North America and around the world.

LUCAS supports research & development, and training

LUCAS combines experienced technical staff, internationally recognized researchers and unique technology, offering a wide range of scientific analyses in a single location. LUCAS has clients from across Canada, the US and internationally.

We maintain quality

LUCAS is committed to maintaining quality in its services.

We support research

The cornerstone to success for many of North America's most successful enterprises is research and development. Lakehead University faculty includes international recognized researchers, many of whom are recognized leaders in their fields. Furthermore, government funding and tax incentives are available to support research projects, substantially reducing costs for industry. Funds generated are used to enhance the research infrastructure facilities at the university. These support a variety of research activities including those of graduate students and post-doctoral scientists, thus providing a foundation for research within the region.

We are a regional employer

Post-secondary graduates, individuals with unique skills and capabilities, work in LUCAS operations and contribute to the region's economy.

We provide training

LUCAS offers 'hands on' technical workshops in a number of exciting new technologies such as DNA analysis, instrumentation techniques and quality control methods.

  • Nearly 200 students have taken a three-week course on DNA analysis from the Paleo DNA Laboratory in the past 9 years. 

  • Seventy -six thesis students were trained on technologies used by natural resource and environmental based industries in LUIL last year.

Research funding may be available

For more information on how research can help your organization and how to obtain funding support, contact:

Your comments are appreciated. We are always interested in how our university can better serve your organization. You can send comments directly to LUCAS care of:

  • Francis Appoh, 807-343-8853