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The Paleo-DNA Laboratory is open! 

We are offering our full range of services including: dog breed ID kits, paternity tests, ancient DNA, etc.

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Paleo-DNA History

The Lakehead University Paleo-DNA Laboratory, established in 1996, is an academic laboratory offering external services through the Lakehead University Centre for Analytical Services (LUCAS). Our facility is located in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. We were one of the first Canadian laboratories to develop and offer training in mitochondrial DNA analysis techniques. The laboratory provides three functions: research, services and teaching. We have been pioneers in the application and training of modern molecular genetic techniques and technologies to the study of archaeological, degraded and Paleo-DNA. Several biotech companies, DNA service and forensic labs have extensively used the Paleo-DNA Laboratory as the source for staff training and new employee recruitment. The Paleo-DNA Laboratory analyzes samples from various partner companies and institutions from around the world. Our DNA laboratory is specifically designed to accommodate low-copy number or degraded samples. Our commitment to contamination control and high standards emphasizes the reliability of results produced at the Paleo-DNA Laboratory.

Paleo-DNA Research

The Paleo-DNA staff and students are fully committed to research and teaching. Research covers many aspects of DNA analysis; from the development and implementation of new extraction and purification methods through to their application. Research projects have involved the study of disease in ancient populations, wildlife classifications, and both modern and ancient human identification; among others. For more on Paleo-DNA research, click here.

Training Courses

New Dates for PDNA-7001 Virtual DNA Skills Training Course:
September 16 - December 1, 2024
Please visit our Training Courses page for more information.

Paleo-DNA Services

We are a leader in mitochondrial DNA research, continually improving our methodology, sensitivity and detection methods for DNA examination.  Services include both nuclear (STR and Y-STR) and mitochondrial DNA analysis on a variety of sample types.  For more on Paleo-DNA services, click here.

Not sure if your samples will yield DNA results?

Our ancient DNA feasibility test could help you!

    • Prescreen your samples for viable DNA
    • Find out what information can be obtained
    • Save time and money knowing which samples will yield best results

Who's Your Doggy? and Who Was Your Doggy?

The Lakehead University Paleo-DNA Laboratory is pleased to offer Canine DNA Testing through a partnership with DNA My Dog.

We have new dog allergy test kits in! Please refer to our Canine DNA Testing page.


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