ICP-MS: Perkin-Elmer Elan DRC-e

Our new Perkin-Elmer Elan DRC-e ICP-MS(inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry) is a complementary instrument to our existing ICP instrumentation. Both are elemental analyzers, but the ICP-MS is capable of a thousand times greater sensitivity than the OES instrument. The ICP-MS can also measure isotopes of most elements.

Also useful for trace and ultra-trace elemental analysis in limited sample sizes.

  • elemental concentration information can be derived from very small sample amounts
  • geologists are often in the composition of rare earth elements (REE's) in their rocks and minerals
  • heavy metal analysis of drinking waters. The ICP-MS can easily achieve the sensitivity required by law to accurately determine levels of lead and cadmium (for example) in such waters.

Also, check out our Technical Bulletin which discusses the differences between ICP-AES and ICP-MS.