Lakehead Community

Where is Lakehead situated?

Land Acknowledgement

Lakehead University respectfully acknowledges its campuses are located on the traditional lands of Indigenous peoples.

Lakehead Thunder Bay is located on the traditional lands of the Fort William First Nation, Signatory to the Robinson Superior Treaty of 1850. Lakehead Orillia is located on the traditional territory of the Anishinaabeg. The Anishinaabeg include the Objibwe, Odawa, and Pottawatomi nations, collectively known as the Three Fires Fires Confederacy.

Lakehead University acknowledges the history that many nations hold in the areas around our campuses, and is committed to a relationship with First Nations, Métis, and Inuit peoples based on the principles of mutual trust, respect, reciprocity, and collaboration in the spirit of reconciliation.

Connections to Regions

As a Lakehead University student it is important to understand the close connections that both campuses foster within the regions in which we are located, whether it be in Thunder Bay or Orillia.

Student looking out at an islandAs a part of the Northwestern Ontario region, Lakehead Thunder Bay offers a vast landscape of freshwater lakes and endless blankets of forest along the Canadian Shield in which students, like yourself, have the opportunity to learn, work, play, and live. Whether you are conducting research on the world-famous Gitchigami (Lake Superior) or participating in a traditional Powwow at the Fort William First Nation (FWFN) reserve, as a student of Lakehead Thunder Bay you will have the opportunity to benefit from the strong connection Lakehead University has made with its home region.

Nestled between two bodies of freshwater, Lakehead Orillia will redefine your typical Central Ontario experience. As a student here, you will immerse yourself in the diverse communities and rural landscapes, learning the importance of connecting to the City and Simcoe County beyond the classroom. Lakehead Orillia will offer you a truly unique cultural experience as it is located near the Chippewas of Rama First Nation and hosts a variety of festivals for you to be involved in. 

What are the core beliefs that Lakehead is grounded in?

Belief Statement

We believe our students make Lakehead University different. We believe that our students want an innovative comprehensive university where they have the highest chance of success. We believe that our students have the passion and drive to realize their dreams and succeed. We believe that our students want the intellectual freedom to pursue the unconventional. We believe in the diversity that comes from our students of many cultures and many nations. We believe that our students are passionate about both their own individuality and their communities. We believe in our students.

What university lingo do I need to know?

Glossary of University Lingo

Understanding university language may seem like an overwhelming task...we are here to help!

Lakehead University-Specific Lingo

Here are some important terms that you should familiarize yourself before beginning at Lakehead

ASZ - Academic Support Zone
D2L - Desire2Learn (Same as myCourselink)
ISSCISSC - Indigenous Student Services Centre. Aims to help Indigenous students with their academics and allow them to participate in culturally-based programming.
LUI - Lakehead University International.
LUSU - Lakehead University's Student Union. LUSU works hard to provide you with a Health and Dental plan, an affordable bus pass, and many more services to make your time at Lakehead comfortable.
myAwards - System for students to apply to available scholarships and bursaries.
myCourselink - System used for learning managed by Professors for online courses, online content, and blending-learning classes.
myInfo - is Lakehead’s centralized online self-service information hub where students can perform a variety of functions such as applying for scholarships and bursaries, registering for and changing classes, viewing course schedules, paying account balances, tracking degree/program progress, and more.
mySuccess - System for students to access career support, academic support and extra curricular activities such as upcoming events, workshops, and job & volunteer opportunities.
SAS - Student Accessibility Services
SHW - Student Health and Wellness
SSCSSC - Student Success Centre
U-Pass - U-Pass offers unlimited use of public transit in Thunder Bay or Orillia to all Lakehead Students, for the same price.

General University Lingo

General university language is important to know when discussing academics and opportunities with professors and advisors

Academic Lingo

Academic advisor - An advisor at Student Central or a Faculty Academic advisor (in your department of study) can help you with selecting your courses, major and offering support and referrals in cases of academic difficulty.
Academic year - Typically September to May, comprising of two terms.
BA - Bachelor of Arts
BScBSc - Bachelor of Science
CCR - Co-Curricular Record. An official document that recognizes your involvement beyond the classroom and highlights your complete university experience.
Drop date - The last designated day in the semester to drop a course without the mark being shown on your transcript.
Elective - An elective is a course that's not required for your degree but still count towards it. Depending on your program, you can choose electives either from a specified group of courses or from many different subjects.
Exam Schedule - Your schedule of final exams. This can be found on myInfo.
FCE - Full Course Equivalent. Refers to either a course that is a full year course or two half year courses.
Finals - Another term for “Final Exams” - Scheduled by the Registrar for December and April.
GPA - Grade Point Average. This is a standard way of measuring academic achievement. Graded on a 4.0 scale at Lakehead University.
Lab - A type of of class usually held in rooms with special facilities where you’re guided by a lab instructor.
LectureLecture - The most common type of class where you get together with the other students in your courses and the professor shares their expertise.
Major - Your major is the main focus of your studies; Each faculty specifies the requirements for majors, including the number and types of courses.
Minor - A minor is an optional, secondary focus of your studies. Typically, fewer courses are required for a minor than a major. To fulfil the requirements for a minor, you use your elective courses that are not required for your major.
Specialization - A specialization is a specified combination or set of courses which provides an additional area of expertise to your program.
TA - a Teaching Assistant is an upper-year or graduate student who works closely with your professor to help teach your course and labs. A TA may also assist in marking assignments and midterms.
Prerequisite - A course or other requirement that a student must have taken prior to enrolling in a specific course or program.
Syllabus - A syllabus is a guide to your course and what will be expected of you throughout the semester. It includes course policies, required textbooks, and a schedule of assignments and midterms.

Common Lingo

Bursary - A bursary is a sum of money awarded to a student. You are not expected to repay it and is awarded based on financial need rather than on academic achievement.
Convocation - Graduation ceremony in May/June.
Dean - Head of an academic faculty.
Program Chair - Head of an academic program
Full-time student - To be considered full-time, you must be taking at least 60% of a full course load.
Intramurals - Recreational sports organized within Lakehead.
Meal plans - dining options in the Residence Dining Hall (Thunder Bay) and declining balance dollars can be used anywhere on campus (Thunder Bay & Orillia) where food service is operated.
Ombudsperson - The Ombudsperson at Lakehead University is an independent, impartial and confidential resource for students. They provide information and guidance on rights and responsibilities, University regulations and policies and procedures.

OrientationOrientation - Lakehead’s Orientation for new First-Year students is a great way to meet new friends and classmates prior to the beginning of classes. You will get to find out what it's like to be a Thunderwolf!
OSAP - The Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) provides eligible Ontario residents with financial assistance based on financial need.
Part-time Student - Less than 60% of a full course load - 1 or 2 classes a term.
Scholarship - A scholarship is a sum of money awarded to a student in recognition
Tuition - Tuition is the money you pay to the University for your classes and administrative costs.
Reading Week - One week in the Fall semester (October) and one week in the Winter semester (February) where students have a chance to return home, visit with friends and family, and study for upcoming midterms.
UHIP - University Health Insurance Plan for international students
Work-Study Program - Allows students to apply for part-time jobs during the school year and summer time to provide financial assistance and work experience.

Why are the institutional values important to me?

"Exceptional. Unconventional"

Figuring out how to align with our institutional values is very important as a new member of the University community

At Lakehead University, we cherish the unusual and the unexpected. You are here, seeking out an education at Lakehead, because you are eager for adventure, motivated by your own vision of success, and uninfluenced by your peers. We realize that you are unique and we value that, but you are also part of a community of people who share these same attributes. That’s what makes us "Exceptional. Unconventional." In order for us to achieve our mission as a University and stay true to who we are, Lakehead has some clearly defined institutional values. As a new Lakehead student, it is important to know what these values are, so you can align yourself with them as you become part of this wonderful community.

Institutional Values

- Commitment
- Honesty
- Respect
- Acceptance
- Effort
- Scholarship
- Innovation
- Independence
- Individuality
- Community

As a new Lakehead student, it is important to know what these values are, so you can align yourself with them as you become part of this wonderful community. When you learn how to live these out values while studying here at Lakehead and put them into practice in your everyday life, it makes our community better for everyone and helps us stay true to who we are.

How does Lakehead support diversity and inclusion?

Equity Diversity and Inclusion Actions

Lakehead University has made a commitment to Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) under the pillar of Social Responsibility in its Strategic Plan (2018-2023) and Academic Plan (2019-2024).

Lakehead cemented its commitment to EDI in its five-year Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Action Plan (2019-2024), titled Accessing Excellence Together. The mission of the Action Plan is to institutionalize equitable and inclusive principles and practices to realize a University where diversity thrives.

The overall goal of the Action Plan is to promote an environment that is equitable and inclusive for all students, including students from Under-Represented Groups (URGs) such as Indigenous Students, Racialized Students, Students with Disabilities, and Students from Sexual and Gender Minorities. Over the next five years, Lakehead will improve human rights-related policies and practices, enhance scholarship and work opportunities, promote EDI in teaching and research, and incorporate EDI in all aspects of student life, such as residence, food services, and safe spaces.

Another goal of the Action Plan is to continue support the Office of Human Rights and Equity, an arms-length office whose role is to promote and protect the rights of all members of the Lakehead University community.

If you have questions about the Action Plan or any other questions about your rights at Lakehead, please contact the Office of Human Rights and Equity at

What is expected of me as a Lakehead community member?

Expectations of Community Members

Being a part of the Lakehead community means that you will abide by Lakehead policies, procedures and provincial and federal legislation, such as the Student Code of Conduct and the Ontario Human Rights Code.

We expect all of our students to:

1) Ensure they act and communicate with dignity and respect towards everyone
2) Continually choose to be inclusive and celebrate our diversity
3) Always behave in a way that is honest and ethical
4) Courageously uphold and defend academic integrity

Student Code of Conduct - Your responsibilities

Academic Integrity
You are responsible for:

1) Ensuring any academic work you submit is your own original work
2) Properly citing your sources when quoting, summarizing, or paraphrasing
3) Understanding what is expected of you with regards to assignments and asking for clarification if necessary
4) Acknowledging the contributions of others on team projects and group assignments
5) Protecting your work from being used by others (for example, password protecting your laptop so others cannot access your files)
6) Adhering to academic principles when conducting research

Non-Academic Conduct
You are responsible for:

1) Upholding the diversity of our community by valuing equity and respect for others
2) Supporting an environment free from harassment, intimidation, discrimination, assault, and sexual and gender-based violence
3) Respecting the rights of others even when you do not agree with their perspectives or ideas
4) Ensuring you do not harm or threaten to harm another person’s physical or mental well-being
5) Respecting the personal privacy and property of others
6) Behaving in a way that does not disrupt Lakehead activities, including classes, projects and events
7) Becoming familiar with, and following, Lakehead’s policies and regulations that apply to students
8) Following all civil, provincial, and federal laws as well any professional code of ethics that may apply to you.

There is a Academic Integrity Matters Course (AIM) that you can find in the webpage of Student Conduct, it will help you to understand more your responsabilities as a student. 

If you need help understanding these expectations, are being investigated for violating the Code or would like to file a complaint under the Non-Academic Code, contact the Manager, Student Conduct & Case Management at

Ontario Human Rights Code

Human Rights and Discrimination:
As a student, we want you to know that Lakehead University is committed to creating a safe and welcoming environment for all members of the University Community. If you have concerns related to your rights under the Ontario Human Rights Code, the Office of Human Rights and Equity (OHRE) is here to support you. Students who have questions or concerns related to one or more protected grounds under the Ontario Human Rights Code or wish to report an incident of discrimination can contact the OHRE at

Sexual and Gender Based Violence:
If you wish to report or file a complaint of sexual and gender based violence, the Office of Human Rights and Equity is here to assist you by providing information on options to address the incident, as well as connect you to resources such as counseling, academic accommodations and other related supports. The OHRE also conducts investigations into complaints filed under the Lakehead University Sexual and Gender Based Violence Response Policy.

Please see our webpage for more information on supports and resources related to sexual violence here

What customs and traditions can I expect?

Lakehead Proud

Now that you're a member of the Lakehead community, here are some of the symbols that help bring us together.

You can wear our colours and tout our motto with a shared sense of pride!

School Colours

Our school colours at Lakehead University are royal blue and gold.

Representative of our students, staff and faculty, the gold represents ambition and royal blue represents strength and loyalty.

The Lakehead Motto

Ad augusta per angusta

Achievement through effort.

The Lakehead Logo

You have probably noticed the Lakehead logo - but where did it come from and what does it mean to you?

The Lakehead logo was designed based on our Coat-of-Arms. The Coat-of-Arms represents all the aspects of university life that Lakehead will provide you! The fire and candles are symbols of enlightenment. The books symbolize wisdom and knowledge, something you will gain much of here at Lakehead University.

Picture of Lakehead University's coat-of-arms

The helmet is a symbol of bravery, as you are SO brave to take on the task of beginning postsecondary education. Lastly, the canoe, pine tree, and water symbolize the breathtaking landscape you will experience while at our Lakehead campuses.

The Lakehead Thunderwolves

ThunderwolvesThe Lakehead University Thunderwolves are our university's varsity athletic teams that proudly represent us.

You will spot all our Thunderwolf athletes training on any given day or sweating on game day. Be sure to show your support and cheer them on!

Wolfie - Lakehead's Mascot

We would like to introduce you to our second most valued member of the Lakehead community (besides you), Wolfie! It’s likely you'll bump into Wolfie a few times during your university career - he'll be sure to put a smile on your face and make you proud to be a Thunderwolf. Don't forget to give Wolfie a high five when you see him at a Saturday night Thunderwolves hockey game or hanging out with students around campus.

Rituals and Ceremonies

In order to feel a true sense of community here at Lakehead, attend our most anticipated events.


Celebrate your arrival at Lakehead!

Lakehead University hosts an annual procession to celebrate the beginning of your studies with us. A pipe and drum band lead the way with the President and Executive team, dressed in traditional ceremonial robes. Students, parents and staff follow behind, creating one big procession that ends with a welcome ceremony. This marks the beginning of your academic journey leading to graduation!

BSc Nursing Pinning Ceremony

A special tradition within the Lakehead School of Nursing to celebrate and honour our graduates.

This tradition dates back to 1975, the first Pinning Ceremony at Lakehead University. For our hard-working students, the pinning ceremony signifies the completion of the BScN degree. Additionally, this highly anticipated event among the Nursing students is a nice way to welcome our Lakehead students to the nursing profession.

The Iron Ring Ceremony

The Iron Ring Ceremony is dedicated to our graduates of engineering.

Our Bachelor of Engineering graduates obtain their ring during the "Ritual of the Calling of an Engineer". During this, our graduates individually devote themselves to high standards of integrity that the profession has established. The Iron Ring itself reminds our graduates that they must carefully make decisions and have consideration for others safety.

The Silver Ring Ceremony

The Silver Ring Ceremony is conducted in recognition of our Honours Bachelor of Science in Forestry.

The ceremony began in 1975, our first graduating class. The ceremony welcomes our graduates to the profession of forestry and honours their hard work and dedication. As well, it symbolizes their becoming of 'The Practitioners of the Forest'.


Here at Lakehead we want to celebrate all that you achieve during your time here.

ConvocationEach year Lakehead University hosts a convocation for graduating students - a special time to recognize your accomplishments with the friends you have made along the way and your biggest supporters. At convocation you get the chance to hear from your fellow graduates, commemorating the memories and wisdom gained throughout your time at Lakehead. This is truly something to look forward to and marks the completion of your academic journey at Lakehead!

Getting Involved

How do I meet people before I begin school?

Building Connection

Here are some important social media channels to follow where you will be able to interact with other new students.

Lakehead Life on Facebook  Instagram  YouTube  TikTok
Lakehead University Residence on Facebook   Instagram
Lakehead International Student Life on Facebook  Instagram
Lakehead University Used Textbooks
 on Facebook
Lakehead English Language Centre 
on Facebook
Lakehead University Indigenous Student Services Centre 
on Facebook 
Lakehead University Student Union (LUSU) 
on their Webpage and on Facebook 
LUSU Food Resource Centre on Facebook  Instagram
Lakehead University Office of Sustainability
on Facebook
Lakehead Campus Recreation
on their Webpage and on Facebook 
Lakehead Athletics
on their Webpage on Facebook and on Instagram 
The Study Coffeehouse
on Facebook and Instagram
The Outpost Campus Pub
on Facebook and Instagram

Join the Discussion!


Using Discord, we have online discussion forums hosted by Lakehead University Staff and Student Leaders, where you can ask questions and connect with other new students at both of our campuses.

Check your Lakehead University email for our Orientation emails to join the official Lakehead University Incoming class of 2024/2025 Discord Server to take part in the discussion!


How do I meet people after I begin school?

Building Connection

We have loads of ways for you to get involved in student life and connect with other students at Lakehead!

You can join a LUSU club, participate in a leadership program, join a study group, become an orientation leader, take part in Campus Rec activities and so much more! Watch your Lakehead email and social media for opportunities to connect!

Ways to get Involved with your Student Union

Get involved in your union and your student community!

LUSU represents and is guided by you, the students of Lakehead. You can bring issues to LUSU and ask for our support anytime. Every Lakehead student has the right to vote in elections and referenda, to suggest new campaigns or actions, and to run for executive or the board of directors! LUSU also has different job opportunities for LU students and all are welcome to volunteer with our outreach centres.

You can see all LUSU information here

Connecting With Your Lakehead Family Virtually

It is important that as a student you are given the chance to make unforgettable connections and meet new friends as you navigate through your first year of university. Doing this virtually may bring up many worries, however, Lakehead has you covered.

1. Social media platforms.
Like, comment on, and tag our Lakehead Life Facebook and Instagram pages to stay connected.

2. D2L Discussion posts.
Using the discussion boards you are able to comment on different topics relating to current university life. Go to and you woll find all the spaces that students uses to discuss different matters 

3. Events.
You can find all events happening between Thunder Bay and Orillia here.

What clubs and activities are available?

LUSU Opportunities

LUSU Clubs & Activities

Clubs are the cornerstone of student life at Lakehead! Whether you're interested in sports, movies, academics, video games, politics, or more, a club will help you broaden your ways of thinking and doing, and give you experience leading and collaborating with an executive team. Anyone can join almost any club on campus, and it takes only a bit of effort to start one yourself! By running or joining a club, you're not only pursuing your interests and goals, but you're helping build and maintain an institution that will live on long after your time at Lakehead University.

LUSU Student's LoungeEvery year, LUSU coordinates all kinds of activities and events for our members so we can connect, have some fun, and make the most of university life! We have brought our members outdoor activities, trivia nights, ski trips, concerts, winter carnivals, public speakers, movie nights, and much more throughout the years. Though life at Lakehead may change this year, there’s still much more fun to come!

LUSU Campaigns and Advocacy

Every year, Lakehead students take action to make our community a better, more just and sustainable place. When we stand together, we get results: fighting for students' rights on campus, protecting our environment, combatting racism and sexual violence, and more!

LUSU advocates for our members to the University, and the local, provincial, and federal governments. Through advocacy we have been instrumental in making university life better for decades.

If you are unfairly graded, accused of misconduct, refused academic accommodations, had your rights violated or been treated unjustly, LUSU is here to fight for you and ensure that all students can succeed free from discrimination and unfair treatment.

Academic Societies and Clubs

Meet people in your program through academically based clubs and societies!

Student societies are another great way to get involved. These societies are typically tied to your academic program. For instance, the Nursing Society or Engineering Student Society are are great ways to meet students from your program, plan events and socials and contribute towards great causes. Check out your program website to learn what is available to you!

How can I get involved in a sports or rec team?

Athletics and Recreation

Lakehead Athletics offers a plethora of ways to become a Thunderwolf from our many varsity teams, club sports, campus rec, intramural activities to our services and supports in both Thunder Bay or Orillia.

Visit our corresponding websites for more details on specific teams, sports, and recreation available!

Lakehead Athletics web page- Thunder Bay & Orillia.

Follow them on social media, that you will find in their web page 

Contact us Thunder Bay & Orillia

Lakehead Supports and Services

Who are my Lakehead supports?

Student Referral Guide

Your guide to supports! Click below to view the Student Referral Guide for your campus:

Thunder Bay Guide 
Orillia Guide

Who do I ask for help?

Lakehead offers many supports to students on campus and online. Check out some of the many supports available to you as you begin your Lakehead journey.

Academic Support

Student Success Centre (SSC)

The Student Success Centre has many programs and support services in place to help you achieve your academic and personal goals while studying at Lakehead University. We provide academic support through webinars, drop-in sessions and 1 on 1 appointments with our Student Success Advisors, and tutoring and writing services through the Academic Support Zone. The Student Success Centre also leads orientation, transition, student appreciation events throughout the year. Finally, the Student Success Centre runs the Lvl-up Leadership program to get you ready for community involvement.

Student Central (SC)

Whether you are a new student arriving to campus for the first time, getting ready to graduate or anything in between, Student Central provides you with a more convenient way to conduct your business and access support in one, central location. Here you will be able to access everything you need - from enrolling at Lakehead through to course registration, financial support, academic advising and so much more

Student Accessibility Services (SAS)

Student Accessibility Services provides academic support for all Lakehead students with academic accommodations for disabilities as well as medical conditions. To aid students in the transition process, we have prepared a Transition Planner. The Planner includes some common differences between high school and University, an outline of the information we require, and most importantly, contact information to connect with SAS. Through SAS, you will encounter eager and supportive staff who will work with you to make your time at Lakehead University a truly positive and valuable experience.

Career Support 


Career Services and Co-operative Education

The Career Services & Co-op team are here to help you! They offer support and services to guide you on your career journey. These services include: Resume and cover letter review, Interview preparation, Job searching skills, Career path exploration, Employer networking events including Career Fairs, and Co-operative Education. 


Finances & Budgeting

Student Accounts

Student accounts can help you with account details, paying fees (Domestic or international), Sponsorship Tax Receipts, University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP), and Graduate Student Funding.

Health & Wellness

Student Health and Wellness (SHW)

Keeping a healthy body and mind is important while you are at university. At Student Health and Wellness we provide medical, counselling, and health promotion services.

Food Support

LUSU is proud to provide food resources and support to all Lakehead students who find themselves in need. They believe in reducing the economic barriers that many prevent some of our most vulnerable members from pursuing academic excellence. As your student union they also advocate for healthy choices on campus as well as raise awareness on student food insecurity. They also offer additional food programs, campaigns and services throughout the year, providing you great way to volunteer, get involved and give back to the student community.

Food Services

Thunder Bay campus food services provide a wide variety of dining opportunities on-campus including the Main Cafeteria, Residence Cafeteria, Paterson Library Coffee Kiosk, and Dan’s Diner and Nick’s Garage in the Residences. Other Franchise opportunities included are PizzaPizza, Subway, Starbucks, Persian Man and Rose-N- Crantz Coffee. Each of these locations offer a variety of menu options that are sure to please every palate.

Orillia Campus campus food services provide a wide variety of dining opportunities on-campus including Back to the Grind Café, the Simcoe Hall Kiosk, Catering Services, Liquor Services and vending are all included in this department.


Lakehead University Athletics has plenty of athletic and recreational programming, and much more. Click your campus below to find out more details about what is available to you!

Thunder Bay


Student Life

Indigenous Student Services Centre

At Lakehead, we are proud to offer a culturally supportive environment to all Indigenous students who self-identify as First Nation, Inuit, and Métis. Our aim is to help Indigenous students to achieve success in their academic goals through a variety of support services. As well, we offer a continual welcome to all students, staff, and faculty who wish to learn more about Indigenous culture, traditions, and teachings. Visit the Indigenous Student Services Centre. Security Lakehead University Security Service provides a professional, uniformed, security service that is licensed under the Ontario Private Security and Investigative Services Act, 2005. (SO 2005, c 34). Each member of our team is a licensed security guard in the Province of Ontario and is identified by a regimental number worn on the outside of their uniform. Members of our courteous and professional team are on duty 24-hours a day, seven days a week, Students playing outside every day of the year.

Lakehead University International (LUI)

Lakehead University International is committed to helping with your transition to your new life in Canada! International Student Services is dedicated to supporting your exceptional academic and social experience by providing engaging events and activities, advocacy, and focused support that will help you get involved in the community and plan for your future career goals and success. Our International Center provides a culturally supportive environment with International Student Advisors prepared to provide you personalized one-on-one guidance in all the matters specific to you as an international student. LUI, We're here for you!


This is an impartial, independent and confidential support service provided to ensure you receive fair and equitable treatment throughout your time at Lakehead. The Ombudsperson deals with a variety of issues and complaints, and provides information for both academic and non-academic concerns.

Student Conduct

All students are required to abide by the Academic and Non-Academic Codes of Conduct. Make sure you are familiar with the expectations of university academics before you begin your classes. Ask your instructors for clarification and help with understanding concepts like academic integrity and plagiarism. If you are accused of breaching of the Academic Code of Conduct, LUSU, the Ombudsperson, the Office of Human Rights & Equity, Lakehead University International and the Manager of Student Conduct & Case Management are all here to support you. If you or someone you know, has been negatively affected by behaviour that violates the Non-Academic Code, as a member of the Lakehead community you have the right to file a complaint. Contact the Manager of Student Conduct & Case Management for support.

Office of Human Rights and Equity

The Office of Human Rights and Equity aims to realize the rights of all students, faculty, staff and visitors of Lakehead University through human rights protection, promotion and implementation. The Office ensures that Lakehead University is a human rights compliant, inclusive and accommodating space that champions diversity. Furthermore, it works to prevent and respond to discrimination, harassment and sexual violence.

Gender Equity Centre

The GEC is a feminist action centre that provides peer support, education and advocacy and promotes progressive changes to attitudes and policies on campus. It deals with diverse issues including gender equality, sex-positive education, and sexual violence.

Pride Central

Pride Central provides a safe space for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, two-spirited, queer, intersex, and allies (2SLGBTTQIA+) students. It is open to all Lakehead University students (and community) with a focus on ending discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity.

Residence & Housing

While living in Lakehead Residence & housing you will enjoy the proximity to classes and have easy access to faculty, staff resources and other campus services. You don't have to worry about cooking your own food (when on a meal plan), doing the dishes or traveling far to class, and will have more energy to concentrate on your studies.

Lakehead University Student Union (LUSU)

The Lakehead University Student Union (LUSU) is your student union which represents all students studying at Lakehead University. Through LUSU, students access a wide variety of services, supports, job and volunteer opportunities, and social life like clubs and events.

The student union advocates for students’ interests within Lakehead University and the community, including municipal government.


In all emergency situations dial 8-911 from any university phone or 807-343-8911 from cell phones. Lakehead University operates its own security services registered under the Private Security and Investigative Services Act. Guards are uniformed and individually licensed. We are available 24/7/365. Security is responsible for parking, safe walk program, Keep In Touch Program, and the Lakehead University mobile Safety App.

Help Desk

Connect with the university Help Desk for assistance with your email accounts, working in the computers laps, printing, and software issues.

Your student union, Lakehead University Student Union (LUSU)

Who is LUSU and how do they support me?

LUSU Mandate


LUSU Logo, For Students, By Students

LUSU’s mandate is to represent our members’ interests and ensure everyone has a fair and equitable university experience.

If you feel you've been treated unjustly, whether that be an unfair grade, violation of the student code of conduct,
denied academicaccommodations, accused of misconduct, or feel your rights haven’t been respected, we are here to fight for you!

For more information about LUSU and to view their website , please click here

Student Initiative

LUSU supports and encourages students to actively participate and fight for the issues deemed important to the student body. Student organizations have continually spearheaded change not only within each university, but also within the community. We intend to uphold that tradition ‘for You’.

Call for Social Action

Now that you're part of a student union, LUSU enables you to connect with students across Canada through their student unions.

As members of the Canadian Federation of Students (CFS), LUSU, and students unions, are part of an organization that fights for students rights and lobbies both the federal and provincial governments on your behalf.

Communication Channels

What is the official way Lakehead will communicate with me?

Lakehead University Email

The official means of communication by the University is through your Lakehead University email account. All official correspondence will be sent here. It is also the email where your instructors may send you information about your courses. Be sure to check it often!

How do I keep in contact with everything "Lakehead"?

Stay connected with what is happening

Student Life

Here are some social media channels to keep in the loop of what is happening on your campus.

Thunder Bay Lakehead Life: Facebook Instagram and Twitter

Orillia Lakehead Life: Facebook Instagram and Twitter

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Lakehead Aboriginal Initiatives Orillia Facebook

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Involving Family Members and Supports

How can my family members or supports be a part of my journey?

We recognize this is a big step -- for all of you -- and we want to provide your community of supporters with the information they need to make it easier on both of you!

Please direct your supporters to visit the web page here.

They can sign up for our mailing list to receive news about Lakehead University, information on upcoming campus events, and access to a digital toolkit with tips and tricks on how to support you.

What do all family members or supports need to know about supporting a first year student?

Perspectives from a student

We asked a first year student what advice would you give to family members and other supporters getting ready to support their student. Here's the top 8 "rules" they offered to help guide you on your way:

1. Don't ask if they are homesick.
2. Text (even if they don't write you back)
3. Ask questions to check in (but not too many)
4. Expect change (but not too much)
5. Don't worry (too much) about overly emotional emails and phone calls
6. Visit (but not too often) if you can
7. Don't tell them "these are the best years of your life"
8. Trust them!

How can my family members or supports best help me?

10 tips to helping your student succeed

There are many ways for your family members and other supporters to assist you with your transition to university studies.

Check out the 10 tips to succeed in the academic world. From encouraging your student to attend class regularly to seeking help before problems escalate, this guide will help your family better support you right from the start. Click here to check out these helpful tips!