The Office of Human Rights and Equity aims to realize the rights of all students, faculty, staff and visitors of Lakehead University through human rights protection, promotion and implementation. The Office ensures that Lakehead University is a human rights compliant, inclusive and accommodating space that champions diversity.  Furthermore, it works to prevent and respond to discrimination, harassment and sexual violence.

Lakehead University is compliant with the Ontario Human Rights Code which gives everyone equal rights and opportunities without discrimination because of age, ancestry, colour, race, citizenship, ethnic origin, place of origin, creed, disability, family status, marital status (including single status), gender identity, gender expression, sex (including pregnancy and breastfeeding), and sexual orientation.

The three main functions of the Office of Human Rights and Equity are i)policy development, research and advisory services; ii)outreach and education; and iii)complaint processing and resolution. Namely we will support Lakehead University users with:

Policy Development, Research and Advisory services

  • Advise/input/develop human rights related policy and procedure at the University
  • Sit on key University committees that govern/oversee human rights functions
  • Support thought leadership and the development of innovative approaches that further Human Rights in Universities

Outreach and Education

  • Provide information and orientation on the Office of Human Rights and Equity to both campuses
  • Provide training and resources on key human rights areas
  • Attend on behalf of the University external human rights fora
  • Support structures and events at the University that help equity seeking groups including student committees, faculty and staff

Complaint Processing and Resolution

  • Discrimination complaints
  • Sexual Violence Disclosure or complaints
  • Accommodation complaints

If you need support in any of the above areas please contact:

Office of Human Rights and Equity

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