Academic Integrity Matters (AIM) Course

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Course Description

The Academic Integrity Matters (AIM) course is a self-guided, professional-development course designed to help students develop an understanding of what academic integrity is, why it matters, how to avoid academic misconduct, and the key components of the LU Student Code of Conduct - Academic Integrity policy. 

The course has 8 modules, each consisting of a short video and a text-based summary of the same material from the video. Students have the option to either watch the video, read the text, or do both, and then complete a short, 5-question quiz to test their acquired knowledge. Students must score 100% on the related quizzes to pass each of the modules. Once students have successfully completed all 8 quizzes, they will be awarded a Certificate of Completion- Academic Integrity Matters.

We now offer AIM Annual Refresher Modules. These refresher modules will automatically appear in the content section of the AIM course as an optional module once a student has received their AIM Certificate of Completion. Students who successfully complete the annual refresher quiz will be issued an AIM Annual Refresher Certificate valid until August of the current academic year. 

Getting to the AIM Course

Please use the following instructions to access the Academic Integrity Matters (AIM) course:

  1. Go to MyCourselink (
  2. Log in using your Lakehead username and password
  3. Click the "Self Registration" in the menu at the top of the page
  4. Select "Academic Integrity Matters (AIM)" from the list
  5. Follow the steps presented until it confirms that you've been registered
  6. The AIM course will now be on your D2L/MyCourselink homepage
  7. Follow the instructions to complete the modules

Course Contents

The AIM course covers the following topics:
  • Module 1- What is Academic Integrity?
  • Module 2- The Academic Conversation
  • Module 3- Academic Writing & Plagiarism
  • Module 4- Citation (Citation Styles)
  • Module 5- Cheating
  • Module 6- Working in Groups
  • Module 7- Beyond Your Time as a Student
  • Module 8- Student Code of Conduct - Academic Integrity

Time Commitment 

  • AIM was designed to be completed quickly and easily 
  • Each of the 8 modules is comprised of:
    1. a short instructional video (approx. 3 minutes long)
    2. text-based presentation of the same material (if necessary)
    3. 5-question quiz that tests their understanding of the material (approx. 5 minutes long)
  • Most students should be able to complete the course in about 1-2 hours

Incorporating AIM Into Your Course

  • Instructors may recommend that students work through these materials for their own benefit, or they can incorporate required completion of the 8 modules into their courses
  • Instructors requiring this course or awarding marks to students for completing AIM can easily verify achievements (see below)

Tracking Course Completion

  • After successfully completing all 8 modules (with a score of 100% on each of the 8 quizzes), students will be awarded with a Certificate of Completion- Academic Integrity Matters
  • There are 2 ways to track which students have received a Certificate of Completion for the AIM course: 

1. Course Completion Tool

  • Log into the Course Completion Tool page
  • Choose the appropriate D2L course
  • Download the AIM course completion csv file
    • Note: you must be on the Lakehead network to access this tool. If you are off campus, you will need to utilize the VPN
    • The page includes step-by-step instructions on how to download the spreadsheet for your course

2. Manual Submission of Certificates

  • To manually collect certificates of completion, set up an Assignment folder in mycourselink
  • Instruct students to upload their certificates to this folder
  • Instructors can then verify who has or hasn't completed the course

Instructional Videos