Navigating the campus

What is the Lakehead campus like?

Take a Campus Tour

Virtual Campus Tour

You are a part of the Lakehead family, and we want to show you around. You'll be happy to know that you can explore the Thunder Bay and Orillia campuses from anywhere in the world! Take a virtual tour with us, our tour guides will walk you through key locations on your campus, giving you a sense of what it’s like to learn and grow in the Lakehead community.

In-Person Campus Tour

We're excited to welcome you to our beautiful Thunder Bay and Orillia campuses for an in-person campus tour. We offer tours for our new students who are preparing their Lakehead journey as well as prospective students looking to learn more about Lakehead University's beautiful campuses. Book you Campus Tour here

How do I find my way to class in Thunder Bay?

Your timetable will list the location for each of your courses.

Students on campusFor any course you are taking on campus, your timetable will indicate its location. Most of Lakehead's campus buildings are referred to using an acronym. Familiarize yourself with the campus map below and utilize your timetable to find the location of your classes. In your class location, the first number is the floor your class is on. For example, UC 1017 is located in the "University Centre" on the first floor. UC = University Centre, 1(017), is the first floor. CB 4050 = Centennial Building, fourth floor.

Thunder Bay Campus Map

This Lakehead University webpage provides a campus map and an additional map that depicts accessibility features available on campus. Get your Campus Map here 

How do I find my way to class in Orillia?

Your timetable will list the location for each of your courses.

For any course you are taking on campus, your timetable will indicate its location. Most of Lakehead's campus buildings are referred to using an acronym. Familiarize yourself with the campus map below and utilize your timetable to find the location of your classes. In your class location, the first number is the floor your class is on. For example, OA 1025 is located in the "OA" on the first floor. OA = Orillia Academic Building, 1(025), is the first floor.

Finding my Classes - University Avenue Campus

Classes on main campus are held in Simcoe Hall (Orillia Academic Building). Classroom numbers are associated with the floor number. For example, 3041 is on the third floor.

Aerial view of Lakehead OrilliaYou will enter Simcoe Hall at the front of the building, across from the Cafeteria & Bookstore. Upon entering, you will see Student Central (SC) and Security on your left. If you need help finding your way, you can connect with someone at their desk. To the right, there is a main staircase that will take you up to the second and third floor, or an elevator (past the SC front desk and to your left) is available.

Finding my Classes - University Avenue Campus - Heritage Place

Faculty of Education classes are located downtown Orillia at the Heritage Place building.

Orillia Campus Map

This Lakehead University webpage provides an Orillia campus map and directions to the Main Campus as well as to the Faculty of Education. Get your Campus Map here

Navigating the website and portals

How do I find what I am looking for on Lakehead's websites and portals?


myPortal is your Lakehead University student information portal. This is your main portal to access throughout your studies as a student. It includes useful tools such as the Degree Audit, as well as information on your program, academic standing and grades. To access myPortal, visit


mySuccess is a portal that allows you to access extra curricular activities. This portal shares with you information regarding upcoming events, workshops, seminars and volunteer opportunities. As well, this is where you will find on-and off-campus employment postings. To access mySuccess, visit


myCourselink (or D2L) is your comprehensive learning tool. myCourselink is a common platform used for accessing course content, assignments, quizzes and midterms. To access myCourselink, visit


myAwards is your portal to apply for scholarships, bursaries, and awards. To access myAwards, visit

Is there an easy way for me to find information and ask questions?

Ask Lakehead 24/7

Ask Lakehead for any questions you may have about the University, including registration, residence, fees, and more.

Visit the University homepage to ask us questions you may have. Unsure what to ask? See what other students are asking under the "Top Questions" listed.


Campus Amenities

What are some of the campus amenities?

Classrooms and Labs

The majority of your time at Lakehead will be spent in a class or lab indoors and outdoors.

Students in ATAC in video conferenceOur classroom facilities are equipped to support you, with high speed internet and interactive technology to help you engage in classroom learning. Beyond the classroom, our lab facilities give you a unique learning experience with hands-on experiments. Many of your courses may also take you out into the natural laboratory, or a practicum/ placement within the community.

Lakehead Libraries

Whether you're looking for a quiet place to study or to get some help with a research project, the library has you covered.

The Lakehead library system consists of 5 distinct libraries, three in Thunder Bay and two in Orillia. Library staff at all locations will be pleased to help you find books, articles, and more for your essays and assignments. Printing and scanning services are also available at all library locations for your use. 

Thunder Bay Libraries

  • The Chancellor Paterson Library boasts an innovative Makerspacce, group study rooms, and floors for silent study. As well, the Paterson Library is also the location of the Lakehead Archives, and the Nanda Gikendan Gamik. 
  • The Education Library is located on the first floor of the Bora Laskin Building. The library offers flexible seating for 100 students, and includes specialized education collections, including Makerspace equipment. 
  • The Law Library is in the PACI building, and has a mixture of open seating and study carrels. Lakehead students are permitted to use/scan materials from the Law Library during a typical semester, however, this service is postponed until further notice. 

Orillia Libraries

  • The Harvie Legacy Library, in Simcoe Hall, is adjacent to the Orsi Family Learning Commons, which has flexible seating for over 150 students, including group rooms and study carrels. 
  • The Education Library is part of the Faculty of Education at Heritage Place in Downtown Orillia. The Learning Commons at H.P. has seating for approximately 100 students and includes specialized education collections, including Makerspace equipment. 

Student ID

In Thunder Bay, you can obtain your official Lakehead University student ID on the first floor of the Paterson Library.

In Orillia, you can obtain your student ID from the Orillia campus bookstore.

At either location, they will take your photo and print out your photo ID immediately. The student ID card is very important you will need it for midterms, final exams, taking out books from the library, using the gym facilities, and getting student discounts.


Eating on Campus - Thunder Bay

Whether you're living in Residence and enrolled in a meal plan or just looking for a bite between classes, Lakehead Dining Services is committed to providing a variety of healthy, unique options across campus.

For detailed list of outlets and their business hours, please refer to the Campus Dish website.

Eating on Campus - Orillia

Whether you're living in Residence and enrolled in a meal plan or just looking for a bite between classes, your Dana culinary team prepares food from scratch using fresh and local ingredients every day. Your Chef will be delighted to meet you and discuss food topics or your specific dietary needs. Please approach any of our team directly with any questions or feedback. Want to see something on the menu? Please let them know!

For more information about your Dana culinary team, their menus, meal plans and more. Please click here.

Social/Study Spaces

Top 5 spaces recommended by students!

Thunder Bay

1. The Study - Located above the bookstore, this LUSU-owned coffee shop has a great selection of hot drinks, pastries and comfortable seating. Go in for a fresh cup of coffee and listen to some live music while you read, or study with friends.
Students in the study2. Alumni Commons - Located in the hallway overlooking Lake Tamblyn, this is a cozy space filled with couches for conversation and collaboration.
3. Gakina Nindinawemaaganag- Located across from Security, this is an open space for any student to relax and meet new people. Drop in for a piece of fresh bannock.
4. ATAC - Study on one of the many floors in the ATAC - you have five to choose from! For the best view of the city, grab a spot on the fifth floor on a comfortable couch or chair.
5. Centennial Building (CB) - Located past Student Central, the CB is a maze of great nooks! Tuck into an area to study alone or with a group.


1. The Study Rooms - Located in the back of the Learning Commons. Note: these rooms are to be booked in advance via the Lakehead Library Website.
Students studying in Orillia2. Alumni Commons - Located on the Second Floor of Simcoe Hall. The Alumni Commons is a designated quiet workspace for all students. Bonus: they have very comfy couches!
3. The Back Bench - Located behind Simcoe Hall, the outdoor stone bench provides a quiet environment while overlooking our Tipi, gardens, and fields that lay beyond campus.
4. Tipi and Community Gardens - Behind Simcoe Hall is where you can find our Tipi and Community Gardens. These spaces are welcome to all and provide a quiet area to do readings and assignments while getting some fresh air.
5. Looker’s Ledge - The Ledge is located on the second floor of Simcoe Hall. It overlooks the Learning Commons and has power outlets located on the wall underneath.

On-campus Security

Each Lakehead Campus has security that is based on-campus 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Security is on-campus to support you, your fellow students, and university staff in case of an emergency.

Thunder Bay Campus

It is important to know how to get into contact with security in the event of an emegency such as a fire, medical emergency and more.

Security (Non-emergency) - 807- 343-8569
Security (Emergency) - 807-343-8911

Orillia Campus

It is important to know how to get into contact with security in the event of an emegency such as a fire, medical emergency and more.

Security (Non-emergency) - 707-330-4008 ext. 2009
Security (Emergency) - 707-330-4008 ext. 3-911

Safe Walk Program

Lakehead University Security offers a safe walk program, any time of the day. You just have to call them and let them kow where you are and they will be happy to assist you to your destination.


Lakehead University residence is the place to be, with all the perks you could ask for!

Students in residence common roomResidences at Lakehead University are located very close to a park-like setting, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors and socialize amongst nature. All the residences here are smoke-free and are equipped with a TV lounge, study rooms, and a laundry facility, all for your use! As well, if you choose to stay in the Prettie or Bartley residence, a full meal plan will be included in your accommodations, giving you more time to study and enjoy all that Lakehead has to offer.

What do I need to know about commuting?


General parking information can be found here!

How to get a Parking Pass?

Prior to your first day of class, you must reserve (and pay) for a parking pass online. Do it here

Once reserved, your parking pass will be ready for pick-up. Make sure to bring a piece of ID to get your parking pass.


Lakehead University student's commuting to school with a vehicle are expected to be respectful of other students vehicles and abide by the typical rules of a parking lot.

This includes:

  • Watching for pedestrians
  • Driving slowly to avoid collison (the parking lot can get very busy!)
  • Ensure you are parked in a clearly marked parking space... Do not park on grass or other areas that are not meant for parking
  • Arrive early! This will help ensure you get a good parking space and are not late to class.


Bike rack on campusRiding your bike is a great way to get to campus and decrease your carbon footprint!

For tips and rules for bicycle use on campus click here. 

Bike rack locations can be found on our campus maps: Orillia / Thunder Bay

Taking the bus

All full-time undergraduate students have access to transit services. Please get your U-Pass/City Transit sticker through LUSU in order to access buses by showing your Lakehead University Student Card.

The City of Thunder Bay operates municpal bus services with pick-up and drop-off at the Agora Circle on the Thunder Bay Campus. - Find details regarding City of Thunder Bay Transit here and the transit map here.

The City of Orillia operates municipal bus services with pick-up and drop-off at 500 University Avenue on the Orillia Campus. - Find details here and the City of Orillia Transit Schedule here.

Where can I purchase my textbooks, school supplies, and Lakehead University gear?

 The Lakehead University Bookstore

The Bookstore is your go-to place for all your school-related needs!

The Lakehead University Bookstore is the location where you purchase the textbooks that your professors have designated for your courses and general school supplies to help with note taking. The staff at the Bookstore are very helpful as they can easily help you find anything you might be looking for.

The Bookstore has all your Lakehead University clothing and gear in stock for you to show off to your friends!

Where are student supports located on campus?

 Student Supports

We believe in our students and your success. That is why we have a wealth of services and supports available for you during your transition to Lakehead and all throughout your time studying at Lakehead.
The services and supports we offer you range from academic in nature to personal, social and health-related. Here is a list of some of the ways in which we are committed to helping you:

Academic Advising:

Learn about your program requirements, your responsibilities as a student and stay on track to graduation. Our Student Central Professionals can help you devise an academic plan to ensure you understand your program as well as other academic options like minors, specializations and certificates to name a few. 

Academic Preparedness & Skills for Success: 

Let us help you prepare for your studies and equip you with the skills and expertise you need to be successful in your courses. Whether you are in need of help with study skills, exam preparation or help with your time management, our Student Success Advisors are here to support you in achieving your academic success. You can book one on one appointments with an advisor. We also offer academic advising appointments on the mySuccess portal. If you are in need of tutoring or writing essays, our tutors and writing coaches at the Academic Support Zone are available to assist you! 

Financial Literacy & Budgeting:

Knowing how to manage your finances at university is important. In addition to knowing how to create and stick to a budget, Lakehead also offers a wealth of financial aid opportunities through scholarships, bursaries and awards.

Student Health & Wellness: 

Keeping a healthy body and mind is important while you are at university. At the Thunder Bay Campus, we have a team of registered nurses, doctors and counsellors available for you to have your health needs addressed right on campus. The Orillia Campus provides you with access to a Wellness Centre that includes a Naturopathic Doctor, counseling services and resources on health and wellness services in Orillia. 

Career Advising and Job Preparation

We offer many career services to support your career exploration and employment preparation journey. The Career Zone holds a variety of workshops and resources in the areas of resume development, job searching, interview preparation, and much more! One on one appointments are available as well as group skills building workshops. We offer opportunities to network with employers on campus by hosting four annual career fairs and on campus employer recruitment visits, as well as, a job bank and programming schedule on For a variety of career related tools and resources or to find out more information, please visit our web page here

Lakehead University Student Union (LUSU)

Curious how the Lakehead University Student Union supports you?  LUSU’s mandate is to ensure that all students can pursue academic excellence as well as personal and social growth at Lakehead, free from barriers related to income, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, family status, or ability. Through LUSU, students access a wide variety of services, supports, job and volunteer opportunities, and social life like clubs and events. The student union advocates for students’ interests within Lakehead University and the community, including municipal government. Lakehead students are also represented provincially and nationally through our membership in the Canadian Federation of Students.The Health and Dental Plan offered through the Student Union gives you the option of affordable coverage. Benefits include extended health, prescription drugs, dental, travel, and accident coverage. 

Orientation & First Year Experience: 

Your first few days at Lakehead will be filled with Orientation activities and events that will help introduce you to your new university. Attend Orientation to meet other new students, explore the campus and become comfortable in your new space. We also will introduce you to what it means to be a student and the important role you play in the community.

Student Accessibility Services: 

Student Accessibility Services provides academic support for all Lakehead students with academic accommodations for disabilities as well as medical conditions.

Leadership Development Programs

As a student at Lakehead University, there are many opportunities for you to get involved! Contribute to the campus community by volunteering for a variety of events and activities and take advantage of these opportunities to build your leadership skills. Consider being a Student Ambassador, Orientation Leader, or joining the EXCEL Leadership Development Program.

Lakehead University International:

Are you an international student? Lakehead University International (LUI) helps international students navigate their experience at Lakehead. You have access to services such as, international advising, peer mentor program, visa and immigration assistance, conversation club, etc. LUI also houses the English Language Centre and support for study abroad and exchange students. They can also provide help with housing, finances, dates and fees. 

Indigenous Student Services Centre: 

Lakehead is committed to providing a culturally-sensitive and welcoming environment to Indigenous students while assisting with your academic and personal concerns. Links between the student and services available within the University and the local Indigenous community are established through counselling, academic and cultural programs


This is an impartial, independent and confidential support service provided to ensure you receive fair and equitable treatment throughout your time at Lakehead. The Ombudsperson deals with a variety of issues and complaints, and provides information for both academic and non-academic concerns. 

Community Legal Services: 

Do you have a problem that requires legal assistance?  Perhaps you are having trouble with your landlord, or you got a traffic ticket.  Lakehead University Community Legal Services (LUCLS) is a legal clinic inside the Faculty of Law and provides free legal advice and representation in a number of legal areas including Tenant Rights; Highway Traffic charges; minor Criminal Offences like theft, assault or mischief; Employee Rights; and Contract disputes in Small Claims Court.  We also can Notarize documents for a fee.  Legal issues can be very stressful.  We are here to help.  Currently our services are limited to low income individuals.  Call our office at (807) 346-7871 to see if you qualify.  Our website also contains a fulsome list of community and public resources related to legal and social services in the city and province.  You can also follow us on Facebook.  

Office of Human Rights & Equity

The Office of Human Rights and Equity aims to realize the rights of all students, faculty, staff and visitors of Lakehead University through human rights protection, promotion and implementation. The Office ensures that Lakehead University is a human rights compliant, inclusive and accommodating space that champions diversity.  Furthermore, it works to prevent and respond to discrimination, harassment and sexual violence.

Communities of Thunder Bay and Orillia

How will I get around?

Lakehead University Student Union U-Pass

As a student, affordable access to transportation is essential to your success.

That’s why your peers voted to establish the Universal Bus Pass. Thanks to our collective purchasing power, we can access unlimited, year-round public transportation for a fraction of the normal cost.

Full-time undergraduate students are automatically enrolled in the U-Pass. Graduate and part-time students can choose to opt into the U-Pass at any time during their current academic year. For more information you can click here for Thunder Bay and here for Orillia

The U-Pass is displayed as a sticker on your Lakehead student ID card.

What are some of the main attractions in my new hometown?

Thunder Bay

Thunder Bay is a great place to live, play and study! There are countless great restaurants, coffee shops, outdoor activities, cultural activities and stunning views to try out!


Orillia is a great place to live, play and study! There are countless great restaurants, coffee shops, outdoor activities, cultural activities and stunning views to try out!

Living On- and Off-Campus

What are the benefits of living on-campus?

Staying connected in residence

Living in residence is a great experience for university students. It is truly the best place to make new friends and get out of your comfort zone!

Creating a sense of home at Lakehead University residences

Between supporting you academically and socially, the Lakehead University residence staff has you covered.

On the weekends you will have many opportunities to socialize, this includes attending festivals, game nights, talent shows and more. Play a variety of sports and games against different Lakehead University residences, it is all about having fun and participating. As well, in residence you have the freedom to help organize events or choose to participate in them.
To find out more about the benefits of living on campus visit our web page here 

Do I have to live on-campus?

Living Off-Campus

No, you do not have to live on-campus. There are plenty of housing spaces for students off-campus in Thunder Bay, Orillia, and Barrie. If you are not living on-campus and are hunting for a comfortable living space check out our helpful Living Off-Campus page.

We have compiled helpful housing links/platforms (property management, rental registries, online rent boards etc.), tips, & important information to help you navigate your off-campus housing search, avoid scams and know your rights as a tenant!