Important Dates

To ensure a smooth registration process and successful academic year, knowing the key dates related to your registration and what they mean is critical.

Did you know you can find all academic dates in the Academic Calendar? Be sure to always refer to the Academic Calendar for any important dates that may impact your enrolment as a student!

There are two critical dates for you to be aware of with respect to registration. The following outlines those dates and provides a brief explanation as to the importance of those dates:

1) Final Date to Register (Add)
This is the last/final date to register for a course in a particular term. If you haven't registered by that date, you will not be able to complete your registration in a course until a future term when registration opens again. This could have a negative impact on your progression in your program. It could also affect your course load which could have an impact on any scholarships, as well as loans such as OSAP. 

2) Final Date to Withdrawal (Drop)
This is the last/final date to drop (or "deregister) from a course in a particular term. If you are considering dropping a course, you will no longer be able to do so after this date has passed. You may consider dropping a course for many reasons, such as your interest in the course, changes in your work schedule, personal commitments, or even your performance in the course by that date. It is imperative that you drop by this deadline otherwise this course and your associated grade will appear on your academic record and transcript. Please note that the Final Date to Withdraw (Academically) is not the same as the final date to drop for a full refund. For information on the refund policy, please visit the Accounts page.

The important dates for the 2023/2024 Academic Year can be found on the Important Dates section of the Academic Calendar. These dates include the "Final Date to Register/Add" and the "Final Date to Withdrawal/Drop" by each Term.

(Note: The dates may vary for Education Professional Year, Professional Development in Education, and the Northern Ontario School of Medicine - refer here)

At times, extenuating circumstances beyond your control may factor into your ability to withdraw by the deadlines. A Late Withdrawal is defined as dropping a course after the official drop deadlines. 

Students may petition for late withdrawal on the grounds of illness or other compelling and documentable reasons for having been unable to withdraw from the course by its drop deadline. See University Regulation X (c). Please note the deadline to request a Petition for Late Withdrawal is within two months after the release of the final grade for a course. 

To Request a Petition for Late Withdrawal, access the request form in myPortal and follow the steps.