It's easy to register online!  Just follow the four steps; Prepare, Plan, Register and Review.


Before registering is it important that you review the University Academic Calendar.  The University calendar contains information such as University regulations, Faculty regulations, Department regulations, program requirements and course descriptions.  You need to be aware of, and become familiar with all regulations that govern your academic program at Lakehead University.  Knowing this information will go a long way to helping you succeed!

The University Academic Calendar also includes information such as course add and drop deadlines, when a student is considered full time or part time with regards to registration, and program requirements.

To view your program requirements, go to the Programs & Faculties section of the University Academic Calendar. Select your Faculty then either Undergraduate Programs or Graduate Programs depending upon what you have been admitted to.  Then find your specific program within that department.  The specific program information in the Academic Calendar will provide a detailed description of all courses you will need to take to complete your program.

When preparing for registration, it is also a good idea to review the list of courses required for your program.  For example: If you are an Honours Bachelor of Arts English (HBA.ENGL) student, you would review your undergraduate program information on this page, to review your program requirements.

It is always best to plan your schedule in the same order as outlined in the academic calendar which is normally:

  • Required courses in your major
  • Required courses outside your major
  • Specified electives (these may be Group I or II, from Special Categories, a specified subject or year level)
  • Open electives (these are courses which have the greatest flexibility of choice)

Once you have reviewed your program information, if you are still unsure about which courses you should be registering for, contact your Faculty Advisor or your Graduate Coordinator.  They are there to help you.  Enrolment Services - Academic Advising, Records and Registration can also assist you.


It is always a good idea to start planning your timetable before registration opens.  This allows you ample time to make your schedule the best possible, allows you more time to review alternate choices for electives, and allows you time to build your schedule without having to rush.

The Lakehead University Course Timetable may be viewed online and is grouped by location (Thunder Bay or Orillia), then by graduate or undergraduate level, then by subject, then by fall, year-long and winter courses.

You may also start planning your schedule by using the Pre-Registration Schedule Builder found under the Registration heading through myInfo-Student.  

The pre-registration schedule builder allows you to search for your program requirements by campus, undergraduate or graduate level courses, subject, year level, type, term and more.  The schedule builder searches the University course timetable and is a more advanced way to search the timetable.

Using the program requirements from the Prepare step, the easiest way to find the course offerings for your specific program requirements is to search by subject and year level. Once your search generates the list of courses and you would like to see how they would fit into a schedule, you would simply check the box beside the course(s) then scroll to the top to "Click here to view Schedule".  

You can then review the courses visually in a timetable format to see if they are appropriate and that there are no conflicts (conflicts will show in red and you will need to adjust your selection).  

To add additional courses, you would repeat the search and view steps.

Once you are happy with your pre-registration schedule you can save the information for later so that all your courses have been pre-selected and are waiting for registration to open.

Once you "Save for later" you can come back to the pre-registration schedule builder at any time and the information will still be there. 

NOTE: the pre-registration schedule builder is one of the steps to registering.  You will still need to complete registration when it opens.


Once you have prepared your schedule using the pre-registration schedule builder and you are happy with your selectionsyour next step is to register.

To register go back into myInfo-Student-Pre-registration Schedule Builder.  You would then need to select your campus and click on "Proceed to Course Registration".

If you are a new student you will need to review and accept the rights and responsibilities of the University before proceeding.  You will also be asked to complete an education and an aboriginal self-declaration survey.

Once you have completed those, you will then be directed to the "Register and Drop Sections" screen. On this screen you will find your previously selected courses under the Preferred Sections heading. You will want to review the courses one last time to make sure they are correct.  As you are reviewing the courses you will then select "Register" from the drop-down menu in the Action column beside the individual course(s).  If there are any courses listed that you are not going to register for, please make sure to select "Remove from List". Once you have selected an action for each course listed, then click "Submit" at the bottom of the page.

You will then be directed to the "Registration Results" page.  It is important that you verify the course registration status and this screen will show you the updated status of each individual course registration attempt.  You may receive a status of:

  • Registered for this section - this means your have successfully registered 
  • Removed from Preferred Sections - this means the section will no longer show in preferred sections in myInfo
  • Unsuccessful Registration - this means you are not registered for this section.  You will need to select and alternate section or course.

If you have any questions about the messages, contact Student Central for assistance.


Now that you have submitted your registration online, it's a good idea to take a final look at your course registration and print out your class schedule.

To view your schedule, select the Student tab when logged into myInfo.  Under the Timetables & Exams heading select the link My Class Schedule, then which term you would like to review.  Note:  full year courses will appear on both the fall term schedule as well as the winter term schedule.  To print a copy of your class schedule, hold down the Control key and the letter P at the same time.

When reviewing your class schedule, make sure that you do not have any course conflicts.  If you have created a conflict you will need to reschedule your courses.  You can do this online or visit Enrolment Services for assistance.

Have you changed your mind about a course you're registered for?  Not a problem!  As long as you are within the add and drop deadlines as published in the Important Dates section of the Academic Calendar, you can make changes to your courses through the online registration system.

  • Adding a Course:  Follow the same instructions as listed on the Register page.
  • Dropping a Course:  In myInfo go to the Student tab.  Select Drop Courses under the Registration heading.  A list of courses you are currently registered for will be displayed.  Simply check the box beside the course you want to drop and Submit.  A message will be displayed on the Registration Results page informing you if the drop was successful.  You will also receive a registration confirmation email to your Lakehead University email account.

Another resource that can be used to help guide you through your program requirements successfully is the online Degree Audit.  You can find this resource in myInfo under the Academic Profile heading.  The online degree audit takes all of your completed courses as well as all of your in progress and pre-registered courses, and fits them into an audit of your program requirements.  When you run your degree audit, you can quickly view which courses you still need to take to fulfill your program requirements.  The audit also calculates your major average and takes a total count of your first year courses.  The degree audit is a guide only, so if you need help with reading or interpreting your degree audit contact Enrolment Services for assistance.