Student Refunds

If you are looking for a refund for a Scholarship, Bursary, or Award please see below:

Scholarship, Bursary or Award Refunds

Scholarship, bursary and award funding is first applied to any balance on the student account, and occurs after the start date of the Term (i.e. Fall, Winter, or Spring-Summer). If the student account is paid in full, and credit balance exists, refunds will be issued by Interac e-Transfer through PayMyTuition. This will occur by approximately the end of October, end of February, or end of May, and depends on the timing of the award being applied to your student account. Refund processing occurs on a weekly basis. Please watch your Lakehead email address for instructions (a refund request is not required). 


Award Specific Inquiries (includes scholarships and bursaries)

Undergraduate - Contact Student Central: (807) 343-8500 or

Graduate - Contact Graduate Studies:

Allison Whately-Doucet at for any funding questions regarding:

·         Faculty of Education

·         Faculty of Science & Environmental Studies

·         Faculty of Natural Resources Management

·         Faculty of Social Sciences & Humanities

·         Tri-Council Awards (NSERC, SSHRC and CIHR)

·         External Awards

Maegen Lavallee at for any funding questions regarding: 

·        Faculty of Business

·        Faculty of   Engineering

·        Faculty of Health & Behavioural Sciences

·        Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS)

·        Vanier Awards

Refund Related Inquiries:

Contact Accounts Receivable at (807) 343-8140 or


If you are considering dropping a course or withdrawing from the University please read all information below, and follow the 4 steps. 

Step 1. Familiarize yourself with the REFUND POLICY

Step 2. Review the published Refund Schedules:

Step 3. Request your refund from your Lakehead email to

  • Ensure the Subject line says: Refund Request
  • In the Body of your email, please include your full name, student ID number, and reason for your refund request.

Important Notes:

  1. A refund is not guaranteed by submitting a request. Instead, your account will be reviewed for eligibility, based on the Refund Policy, the Refund Schedules above, and other relevant criteria.
  2.  The Refund Administrative fee of $30, will apply to all refunds, and the International Wire Transfer fee of $75 will also apply, if applicable. 

Step 4. Wait for your next steps/instructions by email from PayMyTuition. Some exceptions* apply.


If you are a Domestic Student, and have received an email from PayMyTuition, your refund is on its way!

If you are already enrolled in auto-deposit with your bank, and it is linked to your Lakehead email address, your funds will automatically be deposited without requiring a refund code. 

If you do not have auto-deposit, OR your Lakehead email is not linked to your auto-deposit, please login to myInfo to obtain your Refund Code to deposit your Interac e-Transfer. Here are the steps:

  • Login to myInfo 
  • Find "My Financial Profile"
  • Click "Get My Refund Code": 
  • You will be directed to myPortal (click on the link to the far right): 

If you paid from abroad, please wait for an email from PayMyTuition for further instructions on how to receive your funds.


* Exceptions (based on incoming payment method)

  • Credit Card: Payments made by credit card will be refunded back to the original credit card used to make the payment
    • Convera: Payments made using Western Union/Convera will be refunded through the Western Union/Convera portal
    • Sponsor: Payments made by a third-party sponsor will be refunded back to the sponsor
    • Government Student Aid: If you are receiving government student aid (e.g. OSAP), your account will be reviewed for refund eligibility. Student refunds may be fully or partially sent to the National Student Loans Service Centre as per policy requirements. Refund regulations are outlined in the Master Student Financial Assistance Agreement (MSFAA) and the Signature/Consent pages.
    •  Scholarships/Awards/Bursaries: If you are receiving Lakehead University award(s), your account will be reviewed for refund eligibility. Student refunds may be fully or partially retracted to recuperate the award(s) issued as per the terms and conditions of Lakehead University awards.