Declare a Minor

If you are interested in a minor, students are strongly encouraged to declare a minor by the end of their second year. All minors and changes to minors must be declared by the end of September registration in year four. 

What is a minor?

A minor allows you to compliment your degree by taking courses in a subject area outside of your major. If you declare, complete the requirements for, and are awarded a minor, you will receive recognition of the minor on your official transcript.  

A minor is a defined collection of courses, different from the major, which can be taken within an Honours or Bachelors (4 year) program. A minor consists of a minimum of 3 full course equivalents, different from, and in addition to, the courses in the major. A minimum average of 60% is required for the minor, but may be higher in some cases. A minimum of 1 full course equivalent must be at the 3rd year level or higher.

Courses that are cross calendared can only be counted towards one of the respective majors or one minor.

Only courses not counted towards the major can be counted towards a minor.

All courses contributing to a minor must be taken at Lakehead University.

Only minors identified in the Academic Calendar can be awarded.

A student is only permitted one minor. In exceptional circumstances, a maximum of two minors may be permitted and requires permission of the Chair and Dean. A minor cannot be awarded after graduation.  Available minors are identified in the Academic Calendar and you can find the requirements for all minors in the Academic Calendar in the Programs & Faculties area by searching the Undergraduate Programs sections.