Request Special Permission or Overload

Are you in a situation where you don't have the requirements to take an upper year course or are missing a prerequisite?  

Special Permission

Our new Special Permission feature allows you to request the ability to take a course without the published prerequisite.  During the registration process, you will automatically be asked to submit a Request for Special Permission if your Lakehead academic record does not list the prerequisite/requirement(s) to take a requested course.  

Simply complete all of the necessary information and click submit.  From there, your request will be automatically sent to your Academic Approver (Chair/Director and/or Dean) in order to review.  The response to your request is quick - you will receive an email with information once you receive permission from the approver(s).  If a you are granted permission you will be able to proceed to register for the course through the link provided in the email.  It's that simple.


Our Overload Approval feature allows you to request the ability to register for more courses per term/year then prescribed in your academic program (per Academic Calendar).  If you attempt to register for a larger course load, you will be prompted to submit your Request for Overload.  

Ensure you complete the necessary information and click submit.  From there, your request for Overload will automatically be forwarded to the appropriate approvers as outlined in the Academic Calendar, General Regulations (g).  Please note you require permission from the Chair or Director as well as the Dean of the Faculty in order to proceed.  Also, you must have at least a B overall average in the previous academic year in order for your request to be approved.  Once your request is approved, you will receive an email indicating your eligibility to proceed with the course registration overload.  If you receive approval, simply follow the links in the email to proceed to course registration.