Our certificate programs allow you to enhance your knowledge and expertise in an area of interest to you that is outside of your major.

certificate is defined as an approved course of study which will have a professional or an applied focus and will provide learning outcomes that are distinct from any other program. A certificate course of study will consist of a minimum of two FCEs, and normally a maximum of three FCEs, or the equivalent in non-credit programming, offered by one or several academic units. These courses must be different from, and in addition to, the required courses in the student's major; only courses outside the major can be counted towards a certificate. Students must be registered in the certificate prior to the completion of 50% of the course requirements for the course of study.

Certificates will be given as evidence of satisfactory completion of a series of credit-bearing courses and/or non-credit workshops or seminars. For certificates consisting of credit courses, a minimum overall average of 60% is required. All courses for the certificate must be taken from Lakehead University. A maximum of 0.5 credits may be applied to more than one certificate.

You can find the requirements for all Certificates in the Academic Calendar in the Programs & Faculties area.

  • Aboriginal Language Specialist Certificate Part I
  • Aboriginal Language Specialist Certificate Part II
  • Certificate in Business Information Technology Management
  • Interdisciplinary Dementia Studies Certificate
  • Entrepreneur Certificate Program
  • Certificate in Finnish Proficiency
  • Certificate of French Proficiency for Non-French Majors - Basic
  • Certificate of French Proficiency for Non-French Majors - Intermediate
  • Certificate of French Proficiency for Non-French Majors - Advanced
  • Certificate Program in Geomatics
  • Certificate in Indigenous Learning
  • Certificate of Italian Proficiency
  • Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner Certificate
  • Interdisciplinary Certificate in Palliative Care
  • Artist Certificate in Performance and Pedagogy
  • Certificate in Public History
  • Certificate of Spanish Proficiency