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We are very excited to start a new chapter here at Lakehead with our brand new integrated service model - Student Central! Whether you are a new student arriving to campus for the first time, getting ready to graduate or anything in between, Student Central provides you with a more convenient way to conduct your business and access support in one, central location. Here you will be able to access everything you need - from enrolling at Lakehead through to course registration, financial support, academic advising and so much more. Our dedicated, cross-trained Student Central Professionals are able to solve issues from start to finish with improved consistency of service and answers. This holistic approach allows us to focus on you!

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Announcements & Reminders

  • Want to take a course in the Spring or Summer of 2018?  The timetable is posted for undergraduate courses and graduate courses being offered this year.  Register now!
  • Now accepting applications for Fall 2018 entry!  Apply today!
  • Are you a new Engineering Transition student starting this July? Be sure to check out our Student Central Engineering Transition Guide!
  • Will you be taking any Spring or Summer courses? Don't forget to apply for the Spring/Summer Bursary through myAwards. Applications open on April 7, 2018.
  • Are you a new student to Lakehead? If so, don't forget to register for Fast Pass: Level Up! for help with registration, understanding your program requirements, campus tours, and more! To register, click here!

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