Work-Related Injury? Three Things to Do Right Away!

Get first aid, if needed.

First aid is available through:

  • designated first aiders: employees trained in first aid and CPR (located across campus),
  • Security Services (in University Centre Building, or call 8-911).
  • nurse at Student Health & Counselling (in University Centre Building) during regular clinic hours only.

Tell your supervisor.

Contact Human Resources (or, after hours, Security).
Our staff will:

  • provide you with required forms if you are planning to visit a health care provider (such as a physician or a chiropractor)
  • arrange (and pay for) taxi service to off-campus health care, and
  • work with you to complete an accident report.

Later, HR will help you and your supervisor to design a modified work plan that accommodates your
injury. Your supervisor needs to know what happened so that he/she can promptly address the hazards
which resulted in your injury.

Questions & Answers About Work-Related Injuries ...

Q/ What are "work-related injuries?

A/ Work-related injuries "arise out of and in the course of employment". They include injuries which:

  • are the result of accidents in the workplace (eg. fracture and bruises in a fall from a ladder), or
  • are the accidental outcomes of normal workplace activities (eg. back strain while lifting boxes).

Work-related injuries also include disablements which appear gradually in association with workplace activities
(eg. tendinitis from improper mouse use).

Q/ What if my injury prevents me from contacting my supervisor or Human Resources immediately?

A/ Any of the first aid providers listed on page 1 can ensure that your supervisor and/or Human Resources are
contacted on your behalf, if you are unable to do so. You will still need to contact them once you have received
emergency health care. (If you are hospitalized, Human Resources will contact you.)

Q/ What should I do if I am unsure that the injury or condition which I am experiencing is work-related?

A/ Contact Human Resources.

Q/ Are all injuries reported to the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board?

A/ No. While all injuries are recorded, only those injuries which cause an employee to:

  • obtain health care (eg. the services of a medical doctor, chiropractor, dentist, physiotherapist, etc.), or
  • be absent from work, or
  • earn less than regular pay, are reported to the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board.

Did You Know That . . .

  • all employees of Lakehead University, including student employees, full-time, part-time, casual and contract employees, have workers' compensation coverage under the Workplace Safety & Insurance Act?
  • absences resulting from a work-related injury must be medically authorized?

Click here to download the PDF Work-related injury information sheet