Personal Protection from Bed Bugs


Workers involved in housekeeping and facilities maintenance (including Security and telecommunication workers) will be at risk for picking up bed bugs from an infested room and/or area. However, there are steps which can be taken to reduce these risks. Workers must be prepared to follow these steps to protect themselves.


All employees who may come into contact with bed bugs


  • Obtain the most current information about the area where you will be working to ascertain if the area has had reports of bed bugs. For updated information contact your direct supervisor, the Manager of Residence Facilities and Operations or during the off hours Security services and/or Bartley Residence front desk.
  • If you are unfamiliar with what bed bugs are or where and what to look for contact your immediate supervisor, the unit director and/or health and safety.
  • Do not bring bags or personal belongings inside the room. Carry as little as possible with you.
  • For housekeeping and maintenance crews, the following PPE's are available from your supervisor: (the PPE's should be are donned prior to entering an infested space)
  • Disposable protective coveralls (i.e. Tyvek suit)
  • Protective booties
  • Disposable gloves
  • Duct tape (for taping of cuffs or any lose clothing)
  • The PPE's will prevent the transport of bed bugs on the clothes or shoes to other locations.
  • Discard the coveralls and any other PPE's by changing immediately and by sealing them in a plastic bag. Coveralls or disposable suits should be removed by turning it inside out to trap any bed bugs. Preferably the coveralls or disposable suits should be removed in an area where there is no risk of contamination. A change area with a hard, uncarpeted surface is recommended.
  • Plastic bags (Bartley Residence, front desk) are available allowing the user to isolate infested clothing or linens until it can be placed in the washer or dryer. Disposable suits and other disposable PPE's should be sealed in plastic bags and discarded immediately. All plastic bags must be closed tight!
  • Carefully shake out your clothes while standing outside before returning to your car or office.
  • Bring a change of clothes and shoes for working in the field, change clothes at work and keep the field clothes and shoes in a sealed bag for laundering.

Personal Protection from Bed Bugs

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