Labs and Studios February 2022

Wednesday, February 23, 2022 - 9:30am

Present: T. Moore, M. Moore, M. Sorokopud, A. Diochon, K. Bhatia, C. Hubbard, J. Sylvestre, G. Oba, T. King, R. Wilkie, F. Appoh 


Commenced 10:03AM


G. Oba - When will masking requirements for instruction be lifted?


There was no official information yet.  


Council of Ontario Universities has mentioned that they would support retaining the current public health measures to the end of the semester, but there is no guidance from the Provincial government at this time.

J. Sylvestre - build up of chem waste in stores.  Wondering about upcoming waste pickup schedule.  

T. Moore processing current waste requests, but there were system issues with chemicals on hand not matching chemical waste pickup requests.

Backlog of waste pickup requests are being reconciled for pickup, but this is a slow manual process.

New eRPortal version will be demonstrated soon, and there are better accessibility features and compatibility with multiple browsers, not just internet explorer.

Communications Bulletin will be sent out soon.


Incidents - Structures Lab

Complaint received regarding delivery of large laminated beams/panels

(2 packages of 6 slabs 90cm wide x 5.3m) each package of 6 was 4000lbs


Handles installed (nailed in) for lifting each slab, but the handles were steel pull handles for containers and not designed for hanging support/rigging of materials.

The structures lab does not have load distribution equipment for the lift crane available.  

Upon further inspection, workers have not been provided with lift crane training, or with forklift training - the workers periodically use a forklift to move materials to/from the lab(s).   There is no lockout for the crane controls, and no remote installed.  Currently the crane is operated by a single user, but concerns were expressed that sometimes it was difficult to lower materials alone because the cord gets in the way or there are line of sight issues.

Recommendations to be made:

That proper training be provided to workers of the structures lab for crane and forklift operation, and work from heights training.


That proper tools and equipment required for safe crane operation be made available for use, including operation remote.


That there are written SOPs for crane and forklift operation.


That a buddy system is used when operating the crane and forklift.

MOTION - CH/MM  Carried


Other Business

  • Discussion of the changeover in housekeeping in CB.  ‘Best’ staff have received lab orientation training, but a laboratory walkthrough is proposed to make new staff aware of lab contents and particulars.   Discussion of an incident where a bag of potentially biohazardous material was removed along with general lab garbage.  Staff made aware of the issue, and there was no exposure to biohazards.  Lab occupant will increase visibility of signage, and the housekeeping staff will only remove lab garbage from standard locations/receptacles.


  • Discussion of lights replacement.  Concerted replacement campaign during December/January resulted in over 700 lamp replacements.  Housekeeping staff will notify Physical Plant of any burned out lamps in the buildings they are cleaning.   During discussion it was noted that there is a switched receptacle in BB that was turned off during the light assessment, shutting down equipment.  Signage will be sent to the occupants so that the receptacle switch is labeled and visible


  • Discussion of unplugging of freezers.  Reports of periodic unplugging of freezers by staff, or other individuals and the freezers defrosting.  This has led to destruction of the materials inside the freezer and can create hazardous conditions.  Some discussion of tamper resistant receptacle covers that freezer owners could use.


Adjourned 10:45AM (approx)

Labs and Studios August 2021

Friday, August 27, 2021 - 9:30am

Present: M. Moore, J. Sylvestre, T. Moore, C. Hubbard, G. Oba, T. King, M. Sorokopud, R. Wilkie, K. Bhatia, 

TIME Commenced: 10:02 AM by zoom

  1. Agenda :  Accepted without changes

  2. Minutes: Accepted without changes 


  1. Incidents/Accidents

    1. NONE


  1. Inspections

    1. DEFERRED to September Meeting


  1. Old Business

    1. Return to campus

      1. Vaccine Policy: At Executive Team, expect First week of september.  No attestations - valid proof will be required.

      2. Supplies: Paper towels - recommended spill kits are kept with a roll of paper towels in case of situations where the dispensers run out and a spill occurs.  CB Biology paper towel dispensers getting installed next week.  Paper towels are now ordered via work order.  Hand sanitizer dispensers may not be installed in labs. Handwashing should be encouraged in labs instead, especially due to chemical hazards that might be present.

      3. Masks: exemptions listed on posters - we can make masks mandatory, but current exemptions apply.  We can advise them that masking is mandatory, but if an exemption is claimed, then the claim is taken at face value.  Distancing of unmasked students can be required by instructors, but students requesting to work with unmasked students is allowed, but not required.

      4. Screening: Not likely for vaccination status. Checking for badges prior to lab/class start is fine and prudent.  If there is no badge to show (no app or no phone), then asking screening questions prior to entry/participation is a valid option. Flagged screening = no participation. 

      5. Contact Tracing: Attendance list to be required for contact tracing.  TBDHU will contact H&S or University administrative contact.  Contact tracing lists will then be requested for submission.  Format not standardised.

      6. Ventilation: Using recommendations from U of T.  Do not have Provincial directives. Air handlers are now on extended operation to increase fresh air. 2 hrs prior to opening, plus 2 hours after building close.  Filtration in process of upgrade to MERV 13 from MERV 8. Some areas (air exchange deficient) will have HEPA air purifier units installed, e.g., Braun, ATAC. Focused on areas of congregation. Units with low noise and low accessibility for public tampering selected. Goal is 6 air changes per hour, minimum is 3 changes per hour.  CB has high air exchange rates due to the large number of fumehoods, but CB measurement ongoing to confirm each lab/classroom. If any fumehoods are user controlled, they should be left operational 24/7.  Due to design, CB has better than MERV 13 filtration in most areas.

      7. General Cleaning: Increased staffing. Details of cleaning protocols not finished.Might include fogging.  


  1. .

  1. New Business

    1. NEW MEMBER - The Committee welcomes Ryan Wilkie

    2. The committee thanks Johane Joncas for her many years of service and contributions to the committee.

  2. Adjournment: 10:52AM 

  3. NEXT MEETING: Sep 29, 2021 10AM

RPSS February 2022

Thursday, February 24, 2022 - 9:30am

Date:  Feb.24, 2022

Place: Virtual & in person

Time: 1:02p.m.


Present: Ursula MacDonald, Stan Nemec, Fred Plank, Heather Spivak, Greg Croft, Steve Girvin


Regrets: Shannon Foster, Hugh Briggs, Chris Schooler


OLD Business:


A.        Steve reported that the floor in the Powerhouse is breaking.  There are no vehicles allowed inside. The area is cornered off with signs advising of the danger, until such time as a decision is made how the floor will be fixed.  There are no        updates at this time on this project.

Nov.18, 2021 update – a design is being developed in anticipation of the project going to tender

Feb.24, 2022 – no change


B.        Security has raised the issue of soft body armour again. Ursula advised that this matter had been raised on and dealt with on two separate occasions including a special JHSC meeting for this purpose. The outcomes of these meetings have been articulated to Security including the Director of the department.  At this point the Committee has advised that the request be noted in the minutes as having been raised again.  See notes under new business


           C.         Steve has advised that he is scheduling “driver training” for his staff. There have been some unfortunate incidents recently with vehicles on campus. No updates at this time. Probably will wait till Spring 2022

           Feb.24, 2022 – Keith is working on arranging the training


D.         Ursula has asked Steve about reviewing the Lock Out/Tag Out procedure. May 27, 2021 Steve advised this should be completed shortly.



NEW Business


Updates from Physical Plant;


Royal Bank – construction ongoing on 2nd floor by the cafeteria

New fire panels installed in RB, ATAC, BB/SN as part of the new fire system

Cooling coils are expected by the end of Feb and will be installed in RB

There a lot of projects going on, at this time PP has approximately 36 projects on the go


  1. Greg Croft the representative of the Security team has raised two issues;


a)    request for body armour (vests)

b)    request for training for the Security team


Greg explained that the City of Thunder Bay deals with various issues of concern. The Security staff believe that some of these situations are spilling over to Lakehead University. Greg provided examples of such situations (ie. a vehicle parked in parking lot at night at BL with people in it, some concern that the occupants may have had a weapon, TBay transit dropping off/kicking out unruly passengers at the Agora bus station, unwanted persons on campus etc.,) Greg advised that most of these situations occur at night. The Security team are requesting that they be supplied with soft body armour (vests.)


In terms of training Greg asked for specific training for patrol guards. Hugh asked Greg if the Security team wasn’t receiving some training and Greg advised that they did receive some training but they were seeking training for guards on patrol who may come into contact with aggressive persons.


The Committee advised that all issues of safety must first be submitted to the immediate supervisor for a response. The Committee has advised Greg to contact the Director of Security to ascertain if the soft body armour will be supplied or not, and what if any additional training will be provided.


After a response from the Director is received and if the issues remain, the Committee

will review the matter at that time and provide a recommendation to management.


Feb. 24 – The AVP of Human Resources I have just informed Ursula that she can convey to the H&S committee today that HR/HS expressed their support for the purchase of the soft body armour and that Kathy Pozihun is taking this request it up for final approval.


  1. Greg Croft advised that the Security team will be receiving First Aid/CPR training and Mental health first aid training in the near future.


  1. Greg Croft asked about a checklist for Security for newly appointed guards who are on patrol.  Greg advised that there is a checklist for guard in the office but none for guards on patrol. Ursula asked Greg to be discuss this with his supervisor about what a checklist would look like and what it would include.


  1. There was a major power supply problem when an electrical cable underground went down.  It affected many things including boilers and some buildings were without heat for a period of time.




Injury Report:


Mechanical – 2 employees injured their heads while working in SN crawl space. Steve advised that this will be discussed at the next maintenance H&S meeting.



Near Misses:





Inspections Outstanding;


                                    University Centre


                                    Building Maintenance                  



Meeting adjourned: 1:35p.m.



NEXT MEETING: March or April 2022

Labs and Studios

Wednesday, July 7, 2021 - 12:45pm

1.  New Members

2.  Injury/Incident

3.  Returning to teaching/campus issues.

4.  Inspections required prior to September.


Present: M. Moore, J. Sylvestre, A. Diochon, T. Moore, C. Hubbard, G. Oba, C. Surette, F. Appoh, T. King, M. Sorokopud, T. Ojo., J. Joncas

TIME Commenced: 10:02 AM by zoom

  1. Agenda :  Accepted without changes

  2. Minutes: Accepted without changes (JS, JJ)


  1. Incidents/Accidents

    1. ATRC - Glass pipette to bulb injury causing cuts to hand.  Required First Aid, and was recommended to go to clinic/emerg. Unknown whether the worker sought medical help. T. Moore to follow up.


  1. Inspections

    1. Spreadsheet to sign up on Google Drive.  Members will sign up to inspect various departments.  Members cannot be the inspector for their own department/unit. Planned inspection date and time to be recorded so that the Health and Safety Keys at Security can be available.  Two inspections cannot take place at the same time.  Pairs are fine, but a worker rep must be present.  Target date of August 20th to complete all inspections.


  1. Other Business

    1. Return to campus 

- 14 day isolation after domestic travel removed

- Vaccination only required for students staying in residence

- Phased in approach for return to campus; workers still need supervisor approval during Phase/Step 2 and probably Phase/Step 3.

- Air exchanges in classroom will be increased where possible

- MERV 13 filters installed on building supply air where possible, or wall mount HEPA exchangers in some classrooms where air exchanges/filtered air cannot be supplied.

- Labs with fumehoods will not have their air flow/filters changed as they already have recommended 6 air exchanges per hour.  Additionally, changing air supply may affect fume hood draw/function.

  1. Q&A for F2F teaching 

- Distancing?  Current limit from the province to public indoor gatherings is the smaller of 50, or 50% of capacity.  No guidance from the Provincial government on whether post-secondary classrooms count as public gatherings, or publicly accessible spaces.


- Does 50% include labs? Unclear at this time.


- Will reduced capacity mean more lab sections will need to be offered, or labs repeated?  This is being decided at the department/instructor level.


- Will we need to clean/disinfect between groups? Probably, but expecting more guidance

- Are the paper towel dispensers installed for teaching labs?  Four department representatives reported no.  T. Moore will inquire with Physical Plant.


- Will we need to ask screening questions for students entering labs?  Unclear at this time.


  1. Adjournment:  10:30 AM


Labs and Studios Meeting

Wednesday, March 24, 2021 - 10:00am

Present: M. Moore, K. Bhatia, J. Sylvestre, A. Diochon, T. Moore, C. Hubbard, G. Oba, S. Girvin, C. Surette


  1. Agenda :  Accepted without changes (JS/AD)

  2. Minutes: Accepted without changes (JS/AD)


  1. Incidents/Accidents


  1. Chem Eng  - Hotplate/stirrer transferred and used with  a plastic bucket.  Worker did not notice that the hotplate function was on when plugged in, and had left equipment to work elsewhere in the lab.  Lab manager noticed a burning smell and unplugged the equipment.   Recommendation to ensure all settings are correct for the procedure before turning on or leaving equipment. No further action recommended by the committee.


  1. Civil Eng - Tank overfilled and flooded room.  Tank issue resolved, but room was found to be cluttered and impeded cleanup properly.  



  1. Inspections

    1. Perchloric Acid - New entry found in inventory.  Lab had purchased through Datatel/Purchasing office. Prohibited purchase missed at time of order.  Lab group appropriately entered the item into inventory as required, and used approximately 5mL in a standard chemical fumehood.  The perchloric acid is currently in storage, and no use is allowed outside of the CASES perchloric acid rated fumehood. The committee recommended reminder of prohibited chemicals/items list be redistributed to faculty, and that list of dangerous/prohibited chemicals be sent to receiving for review when waybills reconciled.


  1. Biology - Multiple occupants of a large lab were wearing appropriate PPE upon random inspection, but when  inspectors re-entered the lab, the workers were found scrambling to don masks.  Contact tracing protocol explanation given was also vague.  Recommendation to supervisor that the COVID protocols discussed and clarified with all lab workers with approved access.  T. Moore confirmed that this discussion has occurred.

  1. Other Business

    1. Laser - Laser installation ongoing.  Warning sign at door to be installed.   Laser safety program now on D2L.


  1. Freezers in CASES - issues with frost buildup and concern of animal carcass if freezer power is off.

  1. Adjournment:  10:49 AM


Offices and Classrooms Meeting

Friday, March 19, 2021 - 11:00am


  • Elaine Doiron (COPE)
  • Cindy Haggerty (COPE)
  • Lindsay Hedlund (Guest)
  • Ursula MacDonald (Ex-Officio member)
  • Leslie Malcolm (Schedule II)
  • Juan Pernia (LUFA)
  • Sue Viitala (Schedule II)


1. Approval of Agenda – Approved.

2. Acceptance of Minutes (November 16, 2020) – Moved: Leslie Seconded: Sue Approved

3. Outstanding Business – Update on recertification from Ursula.

4. Inspections – Inspections only done in labs and studios where people are working. No inspections for offices and classrooms made due to lockdown and COVID-19 cases: this will continue until the lockdown is finished. No classrooms and offices are being used. Inspections will be needed in the summer.

5. Injury and Accident Reports – One case of repetitive movement injury that led to surgery from employee working from home: TA assisted with typing for instructor. A COPE member pulled a muscle while managing 150 archived files on campus and is receiving physiotherapy Ergonomic Assessments – None.

6. New Business/Open Discussion –

6.1. Physical plant met school of nursing regarding abatement: Lead paint is being removed in the 1st floor bathroom and 2nd floor nursing classroom. During the spring and summer, work will be done on another building: Ursula is waiting for confirmation.

6.2. In fall, Ursula would like to eliminate assessment areas and move to other areas.

6.3. An annual 2021 Air Sampling is taking place in 26 locations on campus in the CB, UC, and RB. Ursula is suggesting that the location of those 26 places should be reviewed in the fall. Perhaps we should be changing some of the locations where the samples are taking place.

6.4. Action: In June’s JHSC meeting (offices and classrooms), the 2021-2022 member list will be updated. Maps will be shared to see what was already done and what is left to do with inspections.

6.5. Someone else is going to take over the wellness committee: Adam’s last day is May 7th.

6.6. Mobile Safety app is for anyone who is going on campus. It is to be completed before coming on campus. A badge is generated and Security can randomly approach anyone to inspect their app badge. Failed results on the app get sent to HR. Employees must notify their supervisor ahead of time and use a sign in sheet (supervisor approval required). Concerns were discussed regarding visitors who may not use app and not wearing masks: the COVID transition committee should be made aware.

6.7. Return for the fall depends on the District Health unit and provincial directive. LU is upgrading technology to offer in person and online simultaneously.


7. Next meeting – June 2021

Labs and Studios - October 2020

Wednesday, October 7, 2020 - 12:00pm

Labs and Studios Minutes –October 7, 2020


Present: M. Moore, M. Sorokopud, K. Bhatia, J. Sylvestre, A. Diochon, T. King, F. Appoh, T. Moore, C. Hubbard,

TIME Commenced:     9:21 AM by zoom

1.0               Agenda :  Accepted without changes


2.0               Incidents/Accidents


2.1            A worker was harvesting flax using a sickle.  The sickle slipped and the worker sustained a cut to the hand.  Worker was wearing rubber gloves.   Recommendation that work gloves (preferably leather).


2.2            A small garbage fire was discovered following a lab in the first year chemistry lab.  A student has disposed of a chemical (likely sodium borohydride) in the garbage can despite being given explicit instructions not to do that.  Technician immediately used a fire extinguisher to put the fire out and reported to security.


3.0               CoVid – Ministry of Labour


T. Moore presented an update on Ministry of Labour Inspector presentation to CoVid Committee.  A new flow chart has been created to clarify what PPE requirements are when workers must work within 2m of each other or another person.  The Supervisor’s information sheet has also been clarified regarding PPE and expanded instructions for what to do if a worker becomes ill at work, or is returning to work after recovering from CoVid 19.


A new CoVid- H&S page has been created as a landing point for all information.  T. Moore will send out the URL to everyone to review the information on that page.


4.0               Inspections


Inspections are to be resumed.  If any member of the Committee is uncomfortable with returning to campus to conduct inspections at this time, please contact T. Moore so she will not schedule you for an inspection.


5.0               Other Business


K. Bhatia reported that squirrels are getting into Centennial building offices.   Work orders have been issued, but the squirrels are still coming in.  T. Moore asked for the last work order to be forwarded to her so she can look into it.


6.0               Adjournment:  9:41 AM

Labs and Studios - June 2020

Friday, June 12, 2020 - 12:00pm

Labs and Studios Minutes –June 12, 2020


Present: T. Moore, A. Diochon, C. Hubbard, K. Bhatia, M. Sorokopud, S. Girvin, G. Oba, F. Appoh, J. Sylvestre, M. Moore, C. Surette

TIME Commenced:     10:01 AM by zoom

1.0               Agenda :  Accepted without changes


2.0               As a result of our meeting in May, a Committee for Research Resumption during CoVid was struck by the VPRI, reporting back to the CoVid Transition Committee.  This committee was tasked with developing guidelines and supporting documents to allow for the return to laboratory activities in a safe manner.


Discussion covered the elements of the plan, but official documents were not shared at this time as the office of the VPRI was planning round table sessions to involve stakeholders in the finalization process.  An announcement with these dates will be coming very soon.


Return to the lab by researchers will require approval of the VPRI’s office, similar in process to the process for essential research framework announced in early March.  Return to academic labs for Fall preparations will occur through a process yet to be determined by the VP academic’s office.


CoVid Awareness training is also being developed and will soon be released for employees to complete before coming back to campus.


3.0               Adjournment:  10:56 AM

Offices and Classrooms - November 16, 2020

Friday, December 11, 2020 - 10:00am

Start 1:00pm




Elaine Doiron (COPE)

Cindy Haggerty (COPE)

Ursula MacDonald (Ex-Officio member) 

Leslie Malcolm (Schedule II mgmt.)

Juan Pernia (LUFA)

Sue Viitala (Schedule II)

  1. Approval of Agenda – Approved.

  1. Acceptance of Minutes (September 9, 2020) – Approved.

  1. Outstanding Business – 

    1. Recertification: Cindy completed her recertification training. She is a certified worker member on this Committee as required by Occupational Health & Safety Act.

    2. Certification for Management: A Management member is still required to be certified. At this time during Covid the training will most likely be online and it is a large time commitment as normally it is a 3-day course.

Action: Ursula will reach out to Kamil to find out when the next online training session maybe available and pass that information to Leslie, our management representative.


  1. Inspections – 

    1. Tiffany and Ursula have conducted COVID-19-related inspections but no basic inspections. Ursula is hesitant to have campus visits due to Covid-19 and time was provided for the committee to share concerns. It was decided by the general consensus that the committee wait 2 weeks to see the status of COVID-19 cases before conducting inspections in December. Ursula comes on campus once a week. Juan has opted out of inspections at this time.

    2. Cindy: If inspections are not done, how will this affect us? Well, hopefully we can get them done soon and won’t have to be concern, although MOL should be understanding that bringing people on campus when Covid cases are rising is not a safe approach, especially to inspect closed buildings.  The RPSS committee members are inspecting these buildings this month. 

Action: Ursula will find out the list of classrooms being used.

Action: Cindy will pull information from previous inspections made this year during her campus visit on November 17 to figure out what we have inspected this year.


  1. Injury and Accident Reports – None.


Ergonomic Assessments –None.

  1. New Business/Open Discussion –

    1. Lead Abatement update from Ursula: Physical Plant must set up a meeting with the School of Nursing regarding the next area for the lead paint abatement. The only thing that is outstanding are a couple of classrooms and offices. 


  1. Asbestos Abatement update from Ursula: Ursula had a meeting last Tuesday and the yearly asbestos audit is completed. The list of areas to be abated for next year is being updated by priority-sequence. 


  1. The Wellness Committee has a meeting on November 25th.     The Committee is working on a launch of the Wellness program, which is to take place in January 2021 to coincide with mental health month. Ursula is attending the meeting and will provide an update at our next meeting.


  1. COVID-19 updated from Ursula: Lakehead is developing a mobile application that will act as an active screening tool each time an employee comes on campus.  The data that you input through this app will be sent to a designated person on campus. The application will be an add-on from the current Lakehead Mobile Safety App, which will require downloading on your device. An alternate method is to tell your supervisor that you have no symptoms, for those without electronic devices. Hillary, in Security, has been working on this and has substantial knowledge of this app. The COVID Transition Team is discussing this application tomorrow. 


  1. The Northern Ontario School of Medicine is open for some in class instructions.


  1. Additional time was provided to discuss things that were not on the agenda such as student numbers.


  1. Next meeting – Tentatively in December or January.


  1. Adjourned: 1:45 pm.

Labs and Studios - Special Meeting

Wednesday, May 6, 2020 - 11:00am

Present: J. Joncas, M. Moore, M. Sorokopud, K. Bhatia, A. Diochon, C. Surette, S. Girvin, J. Sylvestre, T. Moore, U. MacDonald, G. Oba, S. Girvin, K. MacMillan, D. Micheli-Pedwysocki, S. Marcinowsky, B. Stolar, A. Klymenko, H. Chesterman, P. Tallon, T. King, TC Tai, B. Womeck, S. Scott, S. Kurissery, J. Sieker


1.0               Agenda :  Accepted without changes


2.0               Survey of Concerns:


2.1               J. Joncas – keeping students/non-lab members from entering the lab, lack of space.


2.2               J. Sieker – cleaning schedule, when will labs be occupied


2.3               K. Bhatia – how to run mandatory lab sessions, thinking about using live video demonstration, to have students not have to attend labs face to face


2.4               T. King – already implemented one researcher at a time in the facility, concerned about PPE availability


2.5               M. Moore – teaching concerns, in particular the greenhouse space.  Many office spaces are shared and not 2 m wide


2.6               S. Scott – same concerns as J. Sieker and S. Kurissery


2.7               M. Sorokopud – same concerns as F. Appoh


2.8               P. Tallon – have a staggered use plan, PPE availability, screening of people entering the buildings


2.9               U. MacDonald – Social distancing will be in place for some time, will have to make creative solutions to achieve it


2.10           S. Girvin – labs have been dormant, which is a hazard in itself


2.11           S. Kurissery – fieldwork distancing concerns, Orillia labs are small and multi-use, should have one point person managing re-occupation, coordinating PPE and cleaning


2.12           S. Marcinowsky – currently cleaning high touch surfaces twice daily, as more people access buildings these areas will increase and will be difficult to track where people are accessing


2.13           B. Womeck – number of people using the station will increase and there are some concerns about maintaining 2m distance


2.14           C. Surette – have space to separate grad students etc. who need to access lab facilities


2.15           Amanda – transportation to field work and how to accommodate physical distancing measures, potential for personal vehicles to be used or conducting fieldwork alone, planning to not access field work in/near vulnerable communities, how to manage if someone becomes ill and needs to isolate in the field, and how undergrad summer research assistants will fit into the mix


2.16           A. Klymenko – ensure that people who are coming back are comfortable with measures in place, hand sanitizer available, labs that are too small for physical distancing will have to plan other ways to achieve, need for an institutional SOP and distribute to faculty/staff, consequences for not observing the requirements


2.17           B. Stolar – how classes with laboratory component will operate, physical distancing visual reminders


2.18           D. Micheli-Pedwysocki – Plant will need to know where occupied and when


2.19           F. Appoh – access to building (swipe didn’t work), Paleo DNA internship this summer with 4-5 students at once with other measures employed, instrumentation is well suited unless a whole class needs to use one piece of equipment at once.


2.20           G. Oba – teaching labs scheduled for the end of August and they are full, how to manage


2.21           H. Chesterman – controlled access in place at this time for those without key access to buildings


2.22           J. Sylvestre – labs are generally scheduled 8:30-5:30 in the same space, how tech will sanitize between groups, what to clean and with what supplies?



3.0               Guidance Resources Requested/Required:


3.1               SOP is needed to guide physical distancing measures and to be distributed to faculty/staff and students.  Template SOP, with standard sections/measures and an annex for lab specific measures.

3.2                Physical reminders to keep distance would be very helpful

3.3               Checklist to re-open lab safely

3.4               Guidance on homemade/cloth PPE

3.5               Senior Management Team stressing that minimum amount of time on campus in early stages of re-opening would be beneficial


4.0               Adjournment: 12:07 PM

5.0               NEXT MEETING: TBA