Contact LUHPCC Support

To learn more about the LUHPCC, request our services, or to report a problem with wesley please contact:

Darryl WIllick, MSc.
TSC Visualization & HPC Programmer/Analyst
SHARCNET High Performance Computing Consultant
Office: ATAC 5040
Phone: (807) 343-8996

To help us quickly find a solution, please include the following information with any problem report or request:

Your Name:
Your Username on Wesley:
Phone Number (optional):
Description of the problem or request:

  • Never include or e-mail your password!
  • In your description please be as explicit as possible. If applicable, provide the JOB ID (from qsub, showq, or qstat); Copy and Paste your commands and errors when possible; Attach your job script file if available. You may also provide the path to the directory where your input and output files can be found.
  • If requesting a software package, please include a link to the appropriate website.