Lab Software Installation Procedure

Technology Services Centre (TSC) is committed to supporting faculty and staff as they enhance their courses and administrative duties with new technology. In order to ensure that individuals and departments avoid some common problems when utilizing software and enabling them to gain the most benefit,

TSC has established guidelines that departments should follow before they make software requests for use in public computer labs, or Lakehead University’s networks. 

The process outlined here will help to ensure that the technology you are evaluating and preparing to utilize, either on the campus network or on other University-owned equipment, will work properly within our current infrastructure and with our current equipment and systems.

TSC does not guarantee that all software will be compatible with University systems and equipment and suggests that you do not purchase any software without first confirming with the department that the software is compatible.


TSC will not install software in the labs without appropriate licensing, and the acquisition of such licensing is the responsibility of the requesting department. Therefore, please make certain that you obtain and provide a sufficient number of valid network licenses, lab licenses, or laptop licenses prior to the installation of any software on individual computers, in entire computer labs, or on University systems and equipment.

If the acquisition of valid licenses is unbudgeted, the requesting department must address this through the University budget process.


To ensure compatibility, please engage TSC early in the process of acquiring new software for use in the computer labs or Lakehead University systems and equipment. Please contact the Helpdesk, for more information.

The Software/Server Administrator will determine who in the department should be involved in the evaluation and also begin the process of determining if the software will be compatible with University systems standards.


Please note that you should allow 30 days for TSC to complete its compatibility study. A study must be completed before any software installation can take place in Lakehead University labs.

The process of installing and testing new software, (whether on the University network or on computers in our Public Labs) is a time-consuming and often complex task. In order for software to be ready when you need it, please adhere to these deadlines; any exception must be approved by the Vice-President Academic, and in the case of bookings from outside the university must be approved by the department’s director:

FallJuly 5
WinterOctober 1
Spring/Summer (all sessions)March 15


If there is a compelling academic or administrative need for software which does not run on our current network infrastructure, TSC can assist the requesting department in determining the cost of the system, which may include hardware and maintenance contracts and/or hosting services in addition to the cost of the software itself.

The requesting department is responsible for the funding of all activities surrounding the project, including any costs related to the investigation of its compatibility, installation, and/or maintenance.