The Lakehead University High Performance Computing Centre (LUHPCC) is managed by the Technology Services Centre and provides high performance computing resources, visualization tools, software, training, and support to facilitate research, discovery and innovation in all academic fields of study.

Braun DataCentreHigh-performance computing labours under the misconception that it is useful only in mathematics, engineering, and computer science but the fact of the matter is that researchers and educators working in many other disciplines like finance, forestry, graphical arts, chemistry, biotechnology, physics, economics and the health sciences are discovering the advantage of large computing power.

In addition to our in-house resources, Lakehead is a member of SHARCNET, a consortium of 17 colleges and universities with high-performance computers across Ontario who have pooled their resources to create The Shared Hierarchical Academic Research Computing Network (SHARCNET). SHARCNET increases Lakehead University's high-performance computing accessibility to over 20,000 CPU cores, and gives University researchers free and unlimited access to resources and support in the form of peer mentors, research collaborations, and computing consultants. LUHPCC staff can provide training and support for researchers interested in using SHARCNET.