OSAP Spring/Summer Extension

Are you planning to take courses during the spring or summer? Did you know you may be eligible for an OSAP extension to assist you with your education costs?

If you received full-time OSAP for the most recent Fall-only, Fall/Winter or Winter-only term(s), you may be eligible to extend your Fall, Fall/Winter or Winter-only OSAP application to cover some of your Spring/Summer courses. If on the other hand you did not receive funding over the Fall, Fall/Winter or Winter-only term, see the section below: What If You Did Not Receive Full-Time OSAP The Previous Term?

Eligibility for Spring/Summer OSAP Extensions

Eligibility for OSAP Spring/Summer Extensions are determined by the credit weight of the course(s) you will be taking, as well as the length of the course(s), in weeks. If you received funding in the previous term, you may qualify for an OSAP Spring/Summer Extension if you are and undergraduate student taking any of the following course combinations:

  • 0.5 FCEs or more over three (3) weeks or less
  • 1.0 FCEs or more over six (6) weeks or less
  • 1.5 FCEs or more over twelve (12) weeks or less

*FCEs = Full Course Equivalents

For quick reference, please review the table below:

 Credit Weights3 Weeks6 Weeks12 Weeks
0.5 FCEsEligibleNot EligibleNot Eligible
1.0 FCEsEligibleEligibleNot Eligible
1.5 FCEs (or more)

The times in which you take your Spring/Summer courses will not affect your eligibility for an OSAP Spring/Summer Extension, however if there is a gap larger than four (4) weeks between the end of one study period and the beginning of another, you will not be eligible for living expenses during that time.

If you are a graduate student and have registered in the Spring/Summer course you may also apply for the OSAP Spring/Summer extension.

How to Apply

Click here to download and complete the OSAP Spring/Summer Extension Form (available March 1 annually) and submit it to Student Central either in person or by email to studentcentral@lakeheadu.ca for review.

If you need to make changes to your registration and need to add and/or remove courses from your OSAP Spring/Summer Extension form, please complete a new form with all current courses and resubmit to Student Central.

Important: Your OSAP Spring/Summer Extension form will not be processed unless you are registered for all courses indicated on the application form.

Submission Deadlines

Make sure that all of your documentation is submitted immediately as the Spring/Summer session has very short turnaround times.  The official dates are 40 days prior to the end of your study period.

What If You Did Not Receive Full-Time OSAP the Previous Term?

If you did not receive OSAP funding in the previous semester you must apply on the OSAP website for the Spring/Summer session.  You will also need to be registered in at least 1.5 Full Course Equivalents over a minimum of 12 weeks (i.e. the entire Spring/Summer term), otherwise you will not qualify for full-time OSAP.

Next Steps

After submitting your OSAP Spring/Summer Extension application to Student Central, we will confirm receipt of your application by email.

Note: Receipt of the OSAP Spring/Summer Extension application does not guarantee funding until the application has been assessed and processed.

Once your application has been assessed, if you are eligible to receive funding, your OSAP Portal will be automatically updated, and you can check for your additional funding there. If you are ineligible, we will connect with you by email with reasoning as to why that might be. If further documentation is required your OSAP account will indicate it.