Applying & Next Steps


Get Ready to Apply

Some scholarships, awards and bursaries require the submission of supporting documentation such as:

  1. Essays, CVs/Resumes, Transcripts, and
  2. Budget Forms.

If supporting documentation is required, it can be submitted through your online application.

Please note that all supporting documentation must be received prior the application deadline date.  Read the criteria to ensure that you are answering the questions that are required.

Budget Forms

Budget forms are required for the majority of bursary applications.  Budget forms are designed to provide a snap shot your expenses for the duration of your study period.  Most students will provide expense figures that span the eight months of the academic year (September to April). 

When completing a budget form, provide income and expenses for the months you will be attending classes.  If required, a budget form template will accompany the application.  

When completing a budget form it is important that you are as precise as possible.  The Office of Student Awards and Financial Aid reserves the right to audit all budget forms for accuracy.

Application Deadlines

All prescribed deadlines are firm and are unable to be extended.  It is important that all applications and supporting documentation be submitted prior to the advertised deadline date to ensure consideration is received.

Next Steps

Payment Information

Donor scholarships, awards, and bursaries are typically paid out in the next eligible semester.  Undergraduate donor-funding is paid out at the beginning of the winter semester.

Successful students will be notified via email.  Once processed, you may view this information in your myInfo (Students Tab -> Financial Aid & Awards -> Financial Aid History).  

This money will first be applied to any outstanding balance that you may have for this academic year.  Should you have a credit, this will be deposited into your bank account.  Students are required to update the following information in myInfo prior to the release of funding:

  1. Current banking information (For Students -> My Financial Profile -> Bank Info); and
  2. Social Insurance Number (For Students -> Financial Aid & Awards -> Financial Aid History -> Enter Your SIN).


Lakehead University is required to report all scholarships, bursaries, and awards issued to students on OSAP.  Should you receive one of these awards and are in receipt of OSAP, Lakehead will report this information on your behalf.  The availability of all awards, scholarships and bursaries are subject to change.  The Office of Student Awards and Financial Aid reserves the right to change the listed award, scholarship or bursary information and/or value without notice.  Lakehead University's scholarships, awards and bursaries are not transferable to other post-secondary institutions.