Honours Bachelor of Commerce

The Honours Bachelor of Commerce Program at the Thunder Bay Campus is a AACSB-Accredited, four-year undergraduate program intended for students that wish to have an education focused on business management, with an emphasis on a particular specialization.

Bachelor of Commerce (4-year)

This program option is for Honours students that are academically ineligible to continue in or complete the Honours program.

The program requirements for the four years are the same as for the HBComm (Accounting Major) program; however, in order to remain in and complete the program, students must maintain an overall average of at least 60% in each year of the program.



The curriculum for the Honours Bachelor of Commerce program at the Thunder Bay campus includes learning experiences in:

  1. General knowledge and skill areas that include communication abilities, ethical understanding and reasoning abilities, analytic skills, use of information technology, understanding of multicultural and diversity issues, and reflective thinking skills.
  2. Management-specific knowledge and skill areas that include ethical and legal responsibilities in organizations and society; financial theories, analysis, reporting and markets; creation of value through the integrated production and marketing of goods, services, and information; group and individual dynamics in organizations; statistical data analysis and management science as they support decision-making processes throughout an organization; information technologies as they influence the structure and processes of organizations and economies, and as they influence the roles and techniques of management; domestic and global economic environments of organizations.
  3. Developing capacities to lead in organizational situations; to apply knowledge in new and unfamiliar circumstances through a conceptual understanding of relevant disciplines; to adapt and innovate to solve problems, to cope with unforeseen events, and to manage in unpredictable environments.
  4. Developing a commitment to an area of specialization and acquiring advanced knowledge in that area; developing advanced theoretical or practical skills for that area; devoting explicit attention to the role of the specialization area in managerial and organization contexts.
    Areas of Specialization

    Areas of Specialization

    There are several areas of specialization, or "majors", that students can take during the Honours Bachelor of Commerce degree. These are:

    In addition to the majors, there are minor areas of specialization that the student can choose to undertake. These are:

    Eligibility and Admission Requirements

    Eligibility and Admission Requirements

    For more information, including eligibility and admission requirements, please visit the Business Programs Information section in the Lakehead University Academic Calendar.

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