HBComm + Rennes BiM International Dual Degree

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Two Degrees beside a graduation cap

Earn Two Degrees in 4 Years

Graduate on time with all of your peers*, while earning the distinction of holding two degrees: a Bachelor in Management from Rennes School of Business (RSB) in France, and an Honours Bachelor of Commerce from Lakehead University.

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A Unique Experience

Study in English, while taking in French culture. Your third year of study will be spent in Rennes, France, while the rest of Europe is a train ride away. Your third summer of study requires an internship at home or in one of many international locations.**

Money Being saved

Pay No Additional Tuition

All of your tuition fees are covered in Lakehead University’s standard Honours Bachelor of Commerce 4-year program structure. It’s like getting 2 degrees and paying for one***

Typical Program Schedule

A table describing the program schedule. years 1 and 2 at Lakehead, Year 3 in Rennes and year 4 at Lakehead. There is no summer programming except in year 3, when an internship is required.

At the end of Year 4, students graduate with an Honours Bachelor of Commerce Degree from Lakehead University in their choice of major and a Bachelor in Management Degree from Rennes School of Business, with a separate major (Accounting majors require 5 years of study). Though first year courses will be the same for all students, the specific graduation requirements at Lakehead will depend on your choice of HBComm major at Lakehead and at Rennes. A meeting with your Program Chair can help determine whether any adjustments are required to your year 4 Lakehead courses, and in odd cases, year 2 courses.


About Rennes School of Business

Rennes School of BusinessRennes School of Business is a renowned, triple Accredited business school in the sunny town of Rennes, France, less than a two-hour train ride from Paris. The university is near many historic medieval and classical French heritage sites, while the area is also considered one of France's innovation leaders in technology.

Read more about Rennes.

Continuation requirements for students in the International Dual Degree Program

Students must meet all continuation requirements at the end of year two of the Honours Bachelor of Commerce Program outlined in the University calendar in order to be eligible to continue in the program. Students who do not meet these requirements will be ineligible to participate in the International Dual Degree option, but may continue to study in a business degree program at Lakehead University.


Funding may be available to support students on exchange. Students in the International Dual Degree program will be made aware of funding opportunities in a fair and equitable manner. Students are also encouraged to apply for funding opportunities outside of the Faculty of Business Administration.

How to Apply

New Students

Future students may apply to this program directly through OUAC (https://www.ouac.on.ca). Note that there are limited spots available, and admission will be competitive.  Applications require a Statement of Interest.

Current Students

Are you a Lakehead HBComm Year 1 or 2 student? Spaces may become available during your course of study. The Faculty of Business Administration will collect applications from all interested 2nd year students. Applications are due November 1st of the year prior to exchange; however, students are welcome to submit a late application in the event that other applicants are unable to attend. Successful applicants will be notified in January and provided guidance on how to proceed. Please fill out this form to start the process:


It is recommended that all interested students with questions speak to their program chair. Appointments can be arranged by emailing business@lakeheadu.ca. Though first year students should wait until they have completed year 1 to formally apply, early discussions with their program chair are welcome.


*HBComm Accounting Students must take an additional year. Most other majors are possible with consultation.
**Eight week internship must be approved by RSB. Students may apply via database or submit their own for assessment by RSB.
*** Not including living and travel expenses, repeated courses, or additional semesters needed for some students