Instructions for Submitting Forms to Human Resources

Effective Monday, March 21, 2022, HR forms shall be submitted to for processing.  This includes: Employee Information Form (EIF), Part-time Academic and Supplemental Teaching Form (PTA), Short Term Renewal of Employee Information Form (STR), Leave of Absence Form (LOA), and Application for Tuition Waiver Form (both employee and dependant). 

Send form(s)/documents on a per person basis. Do not scan/email forms/documents for more than one person in a batch.  Create an attachment for each type of document per person (e.g. one attachment for the EIF, one attachment for the Banking Deposit form, one attachment for the Tax forms, etc.)

Save email approvals as a PDF and send as an attachment.  To save an email as a PDF, click the Print icon and then change the destination field to "Save as PDF".

Include all required documents as attachments:

  2. Accompanying email approval from appropriate budgetary approver
  3. Banking forms
  4. Tax forms
  5. Study/Work permit for foreign workers (if applicable)
  6. Secondary Position Authorization Form (TEACHING or NON-TEACHING, if applicable)

Name the attachment as follows: Last name, First name - Department - type of form(s) (e.g. Smith, John - Law - EIF)