Change My Password

Lakehead  University has a single-sign on authentication system.  Users have a single username and password for most systems on campus including myEmail, myInfo (WebAdvisor), myCourseLink, Library Proxy, and Active Directory (computer labs and workstations).

The first time you login, you must login to MyInfo; your password will say it is expired. Scroll down the page and it will ask you to choose a new password.  The new password must be strong, and have at least one capital letter, one lowercase letter and a number or symbol, and must be at least eight characters long.

You will then be asked to enter three security questions and answers. All security questions must be two words, and answers must be at least six characters long.  These questions are what the Helpdesk team can use to support you with account issues.

You can change your password by clicking here and following the steps.