Student Testiomonials

Baihe Liu

Swansea University

Swansea, United Kingdom

Baihe Liu

Spending one semester abroad in the UK is definitely a wonderful experience. I was studying at Swansea University. There are different educational system and culture there, compared with Canada. But it’s good to learn about various things in different institutions and countries. The sightseeing there was fabulous too. When I wanted to take a break from studying, I always took a walk on the beach. It healed me when I was tired. I also have got a few great friends with different backgrounds there. It’s always nice if you could build connections with people around the world and share ideas with each other. I got the chance to visitdifferent places in the UK, like Cardiff, Birmingham, Bath, London, and Bristol as well. I highly recommend everyone to take this opportunity and explore more of the world.

Aja Melanson

York St. John University

York, United Kingdom

I attended York St. John University in England while pursuing my Honours Bachelor of Commerce in my third year. I loved being away; Europe and the surrounding areas are so much more travel friendly than North America and I managed to visit 3 countries in 4 days! Everyone was very helpful while I was planning my exchange and provided constant support, even when I was away. I look forward to returning to England one day and seeing all the friends I made when I was away!

Tasen Metseagharun

Stockholm University

Stockholm, Sweden

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I had an amazing opportunity to study abroad in Sweden through the North2North program. My semester in Sweden was filled with unforgettable memories. Initially nervous, I quickly felt at home at Stockholm University, immersing myself in Swedish culture.

Meeting people from around the world was a highlight, and exploring Sweden's famous spots with my new friends, such as Gamla Stan, Drottningholm Palace, and holiday night markets, was a blast. I even took a side trip to Italy, experiencing places like Verona and immersing myself in Italian culture for a week.

The academic experience at Stockholm University broadened my understanding of business practices and diversity. As my semester ended, I realized that going on an exchange program is a transformative experience that opens your eyes to a world of possibilities. I wholeheartedly recommend it – don't let anxiety hold you back from exploring our incredible world!

Chiara Zussino

Rennes School of Business

Rennes and Paris, France

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Having the opportunity to take summer courses at Rennes School of Business completely opened my eyes to new opportunities! Learning about luxury and first hand seeing where these types of businesses began in Paris was incredible. It is an extremely well-organized program and is conducive to easily making new friends and exploring France. I have made memories that will last a lifetime and enhanced my understanding of cross-cultural collaboration and made professional connections that have undoubtedly increased the value of my degree!