Cyclical Program Reviews

For more information about our Cyclical Program Review process, see the following resources.

Supporting Documents

See the following links to access supporting documents for the Cyclical Program Review process:

The Institutional Quality Assurance Process (IQAP)

Upcoming Program Reviews

  • Schedule for Cyclical Program Reviews (updated version coming soon)

The Self-Study and Relevant Templates

Volume I - Description and Analysis of the Program(s): See self-study guides for a list of required items. Direct any questions or concerns to the Interim Deputy Provost and Vice-Provost (Teaching and Learning), Dr. Rhonda Koster

Volume II - Course Outlines: Include the most recent course outline for each course listed in the calendar for each program being reviewed. Include a summary table that indicates the last term in which each course was taught, the instructor and the enrolment.

Volume III - An organized assembly of CVs of full- and part-time instructors.

See our Curriculum Vitae template for the Program Review process.

Reviewer Nomination Forms

Internal Responses to the Review Team Report

Once the Cyclical Program Review has been completed, units must prepare an Internal Response, as must the Academic Dean and the Faculty of Graduate Studies Dean (when appropriate). The following template has been created to be used by both the Academic Unit and the Deans in creating these responses. Please note that Academic Units are required to discuss their response to the Review Team Report with their relevant Dean(s).

Template - Academic Unit and Decanal Responses to the Review Team Report

Annual Reporting

Annual Reporting is required in the ongoing monitoring and implementation of the recommendations resulting from the review (see Section 6.7 Institutional Review and Follow-up (IQAP v3.0 August 2019). Academic Units report to their Dean, who then is  required to report annually to the Provost. Templates have been created to assist with the reporting.

Template - Cyclical Program Review Annual Report

Completed Reviews

See the following pages to access final reports of completed program reviews under the Institutional Quality Assurance Process (IQAP v3.0 re-ratified August 2019).