What To Do Over Reading Week- Thunder Bay

Spending your February reading week in Thunder Bay and not sure what you will do other than study? I have compiled a list of some of my favourite activities and places in Thunder Bay to visit when I need a breather from my studies. I have sorted them into outdoor activities, indoor activities, and places to get food! Thunder Bay has a lot of great activities and little shops you definitely want to check out while you are here. During my first year in Bartley I found a lot of reprieve in leaving campus and exploring the city, let me share with you where I went!

Outdoor Activities

Although it has reached some pretty cold temperatures recently, hopefully, a few days during the reading week will be warm enough to afford you some fresh air. To begin with some fun physical activities to get some exercise and fresh air I recommend:

  • Skating at Marina Park: take a pair of skates and some friends and enjoy a small skating loop near Thunder Bay’s waterfront!

  • Vickers Park: Vickers Park offers a skating trail where you can skate through the park on a nicely flooded winding trail.

  • Lost Mountain Loop: this hiking trail is great for those looking for a bit of a longer, more physical hike, and is a 6.3km hiking trail located right near Thunder Bay with some very great views. Note that it is winter and the conditions are not guaranteed to be conducive to hiking. More information can be found here.

  • Other nice spots to go for a walk around: Hillcrest Park - has great views of the Sleeping Giant, Centennial - has a great number of easy to walk trails with varying lengths, and some nice views of winding rivers

Thunder Bay is also home to Loch Lomond and Mount Baldy for your downhill skiing and snowboarding needs, as well as Kamview for cross country skiing and snowshoeing!

Indoor Activities

As we know though, Thunder Bay weather can be rather harsh and perhaps you want a warmer distraction from your studies-here is a list of ideas for you:

  • Tbay Country Market: is a farmer’s market-esque, craft, and food market that is open Wednesdays 3:30pm-6:30pm, and Saturday 8:00am-1:00pm. You must go to the market when you are in Thunder Bay at least once. Everyone can find something at the market for them I promise.

  • Goods & Co. Market: is another market with a neat interior and vibe that is relatively new to Thunder Bay this past fall, and has food and merchandise vendors and is another must see while in Thunder Bay!

  • Countdown Escape Rooms: though I have not personally been to the Escape Rooms, friends have told me they are a lot of fun, might be something to check out with a group of friends!

  • Mario’s Bowl: if you’re a fan of bowling you should definitely head to Mario’s Bowl with some friends!


Thunder Bay has a lot of variety in restaurants and cafes, and I find that there is always some new place I haven’t heard of before until someone recommends it to me! Here are some of my favourite restaurants and cafes in Thunder Bay that I like to go to (rather regularly):

  • Sweet North Bakery: Sweet North Bakery has two locations, one is a drive-through and the other is a sit down cafe/bakery in the more downtown Port Arthur area of Thunder Bay. Sweet North has great baking, sandwiches, and drinks. Personally, I recommend any of the sandwiches on their homemade pretzel buns, and definitely their sticky buns!

  • Nomad On Bay: is a sandwich bar that makes really good homemade bread and different meats that make for some very good sandwiches. I personally like the Reuben! 

  • The Prospector: are you and your friends looking to go out to celebrate half a term over? I recommend The Prospector, with a pretty diverse dinner menu and the best table bread you could ask for, it’s a great place to head for dinner. 

That concludes my list of fun things to do, places to see, and food to eat over your February reading week. I hope it's restful and productive and you take time for yourself to recharge and take the rest of the semester on!

  • Max, Peer Wellness Educator Lead, Thunder Bay Campus

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