Student Clubs and Associations

The Lakehead University Student Union (LUSU)

The Lakehead University Student Union (LUSU) offers a wide-variety of services, clubs, jobs, and volunteer opportunities throughout the year. It's the place to get involved, take action, and express your opinions.

The President, Vice-President Student Issues, and Vice-President Finance, (together known as the Executive), are elected from the student body to run the day-to-day operations of LUSU. This includes services, clubs, academic appeals, events, and political work. The Executive, however, takes direction from the Board of Directors. The LUSU Board of Directors is where all the real decisions of the union are made.

Be a part of deciding how to corporation's money is spent, decide actions taken by the union. Become a Director - represent fellow students - and make an impact at Lakehead!

Student Establishments

The Study Coffeehouse (Thunder Bay Campus)

Every student's easy-going coffee shop. Drop in before class and grab your organic, fair-trade coffee, latte, loose leaf or bagged tea, and a little snack from local vendors. Nothing makes the brain work better in the early morning! At night, bring your instruments and join us for Open Mic nights, where students can share their talents with others and among friends.

The Outpost (Thunder Bay Campus)

The Outpost is your campus pub. Join us for lunch, dinner, and relaxation every day of the week. The Outpost's live music, atmosphere and menu will no doubt keep you coming back again and again. Join some friends for some laughs and have a good time before, in between, and after classes!

Check out your campus pub online at

The Bike Shack (Thunder Bay Campus)

LUSU's Bike Shack offers cyclists a place to store their bikes safely and out of the weather. Join hundreds of students in their efforts to be sustainable and active!

The Hangar (Thunder Bay Campus)

The Hangar, LUSU's modern student athletic facility, further expands our diverse athletic resources. The new 50,000 square foot facility features a 200-metre track, pro-grade artificial turf field, climbing wall, and additional weight training, aerobic, yoga/dance and cardio areas.

Student Centres

Aboriginal Awareness Centre (AAC)

The AAC was designed to assist the learning opportunities for all students, staff, faculty and other members of the university community about Aboriginal history, current social problems and contributions made by Aboriginal peoples. Most importantly, it will provide occasions, teachings, ceremonies, traditions and worldview. The AAC offers programs and services in areas such as, but not limited to: Sports and Referral, Aboriginal Issues, Advocating and Lobbying, Cross Culture Training, Traditional Healing, The Four Sacred Medicines, How to Approach An Elder Protocol, Sweatlodge Ceremony, Pow-wow and Protocol, Traditional Art Workshops, Traditional Arts and Crafts Workshops, Aboriginal Speaker Series, Discussion Groups, Stereotypes and Myth Breaking, Traditional Feasts, and Aboriginal Library/Resource Centre. Check it out on the web at:

Gender Equity Centre (GEC)

The Gender Equity Centre is Lakehead University Student Union’s oldest on-site advocacy and action centre. It supports all Lakehead students through consciousness-raising caravans, educational workshops, discussion groups and panels, and community building events such as Take Back The Night, National Day of Action on Violence Against Women and more. 

Over the years, the GEC has provided support services to students and continues to work to be an educational force for progressive changes in attitudes, laws and institutional procedure; peer support, action and advocacy are core services. Additionally, we provide referrals to community service organizations and services and host a unique library collection of over 170 videos and 1500 books.

Working from an anti-oppressive and feminist framework, the GEC is a safe and inclusive place to connect with people regardless of gender, socio-economic status, ethnicity, religion, culture, family life, sexual orientation, gender identity and difference in physical or mental abilities. In particular, the centre aims to challenge gender-based violence, rape culture, and all forms of discrimination.

We encourage communication, action, awareness, self-reflection and compassion.

Pride Central

Pride Central is Lakehead University Student Union's service centre for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, two-spirit, and queer issues. We work to end discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity.

Pride offers a variety of social services, including a resource library of books, movies, music, leaflets, magazines, and zines, all of which deal primarily with sexual diversity, gender identity, and queer issues. Our space also features comfy couches, computers for public use, and a TV for watching videos.

The centre's staff can refer you to on and off campus services you might benefit from, and we house several queer resources for work and school. Social events and peer support for individuals and families dealing with issues of identity, sexuality, and gender are part of our activities, as well. We also develop and deliver educational workshops on request. Check it out on the web at:

Multicultural Centre (MCC)

The MCC is an education, lobbying, support and referral service, which is open to all Lakehead University students regardless of ethnic background. The MCC hosts events that acknowledge and celebrate the cultural diversity at Lakehead and around the world. Often, there are a series of interactive diversity nights on campus. These nights are multidimensional and take the form of workshops, concerts and cultural dinners.

In addition to awareness the Centre is a place of advocacy and action!

The MCC works hard to connect Lakehead students with opportunities to support the humanitarian and social justice causes that they care about. They provide a welcoming and inclusive space where students can discuss issues such as cultural identity, racism and international development concerns. Check it out on the web at:

The Food Bank

LUSU understands the financial constraints involved in post-secondary education and the difficulty in making ends meet. The Food Bank was created to assist students who find themselves in a tight spot for food. Each student has his/her own story. The Food Bank has helped students who have been in emergency food situations due to their student loan not coming in on time, unexpected car or health care payments, a personal crisis, and other budgeting issues.

LU Radio

Lakehead's community-based campus radio station, LU Radio provides an eclectic mic of music and spoken work programming that you wouldn't normally hear on commercial radio. Check out and listen to LU Radio online:, or when in Thunder Bay, tune your dial to 102.7 FM.

Student Clubs

The Student Union sponsors many student clubs that are active on campus each year. Clubs are formed by students who share a similar interests, with many becoming involved in local and national endeavours. Through student clubs, you have to chance to have fun, meet great people, and become an active member of the Lakehead University student life experience. Check them out! There's bound to be one that's right for you!

Clubs on the Thunder Campus

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Clubs on the Orillia Campus

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