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Building Mental Health Literacy and Personal Skills

Student Health and Wellness provides self-serve learning opportunities to support your own well-being or help support others' mental health. 

Current Offerings

WellU Resilience

WellU Resilience is an 8-week, evidence-based course developed by Student Health and Wellness to help students learn to manage stress in healthy ways. The course features videos, slideshows, skill-building activities, resources and information to help students build resilience. Each week participants will learn about and practice a habit/skill that has been proven to increase life satisfaction, happiness and resilience, which all correlate with success and improved academic performance.

To sign up: 

  • Go to MyCourselink (https://mycourselink.lakeheadu.ca)
  • Log in using your Lakehead username and password
  • Click the "Self Registration: Academic Support and Training" near the top-right of the page
  • Select "WellU Resilience" from the list
  • Follow the steps presented until it confirms that you've been registered
  • Complete the modules

If you would like the completed course to be added to your CCR- submit a request via mySuccess and send an email to activities.shcc@lakeheadu.ca

Living Works Start

LivingWorks START is a 90-minute e-learning program that teaches learners to recognize when someone is thinking about suicide and steps to connect them to help. You’ll learn a powerful four-step model to keep someone safe from suicide, and you’ll have a chance to practice it with impactful simulations. Safety resources and support are available throughout the program. Open to staff, students and faculty.

How it works

This evidence-based program includes narrated coaching, practice scenarios and access to resources. It focuses on awareness of suicide prevention, teaches fundamental skills and will enable participants to recognize someone’s thoughts of suicide and take action to ensure they receive the help they require, including skills to offer support remotely.

LivingWorks START can be taken remotely and completely online. It takes about 90 minutes to complete. Participants can increase their skills and knowledge at a comfortable pace while balancing their personal safety with challenging content.

Participants will receive a pre-training email outlining expectations, privacy and contact information and login details. Participants can re-access LivingWorks START training for 60 days, after which they will have lifetime access to LivingWorks Connect, a platform that allows participants to build a community of safety and access resources.

After training, participants will receive a Certificate of Completion and a post-session resource handout. We highly recommend that you participate in a debrief workshop. This is an opportunity to confirm your understanding of the TASC model and practice applying the model to your role, ask questions, and learn about on- and off-campus resources and services.

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Request a Training

Student Health and Wellness is able to offer workshops to staff, faculty and student groups upon request.