Getting Connected

An individual’s wellbeing and sense of belonging are closely related. Without this feeling of belonging, individuals can feel isolated or lonely, which affects overall wellbeing. Making a connection with others can be especially hard when you are learning remotely.

Make use of your student union.

LUSU's centres provide a supportive and engaging community for students from all kinds of backgrounds. Find like-minded folks who share your experiences and work together to make the world a better place.

  • Aboriginal Awareness Centre

  • Gender Equity Centre

  • Sustainability Initiative

  • Food Bank

  • Pride Central

  • Multicultural Centre

Joining a student club is another opportunity to find others who have similar interests and pursuits as you. You’d be surprised how many clubs LUSU offers and if you don’t find one that piques your interests- you can create your own! 

Learn more about LUSU centres and clubs at LUSU Fest 2020 running this week!

Virtual Study Groups

  • Study groups were always a great way to practice and apply concepts you’re learning in class and to build communication and collaboration skills that are important in the workplace and they might even be more helpful when learning remotely. They create structure and routine for studying, keep you connected with other people, and provide opportunities to get questions answered—and help other students answer questions—outside of office hours.

  • First, you’ll need to find people. There are a number of ways to identify people interested in joining a study group:  

    • Ask your instructor if they’d be willing to post an announcement or start a discussion board thread to collect the names of students interested in joining a study group.  

    • Use discussion board, zoom chat, or other collaborative tools available in your course to find other students interested in forming a study group. 

  • There are many ways to meet with your study group. The best approach is likely to choose a format that all group members are familiar with (Zoom and Google Meet are easily accessed using your Lakehead email account). 

  • Check out this article for more tips on organized a virtual study group. 

Campus Rec at home

  • Campus Rec might not be able to provide their traditional intramurals but you can still compete against fellow Thunderwolves via their online intramurals. You can also join their live and on-demand fitness classes, and Strava activity groups to keep active and motivated.

Explore your new community

Not every connection you make needs to be with someone at Lakehead, getting more comfortable in your city also bolsters your social well-being. Use Facebook or Reddit to find groups with similar interests in your area. If you are living on or near campus, check out the WellU Maps to find out more about what available in the area. 


-Lindsey Wachter, R. Kin

Health and Wellness Promoter

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