Orillia Campus Plan 2013 - 2018

Thank you for your participation!

Over the past few months, students, staff and faculty members, alumni, and our community partners have been involved in the development of the Orillia Campus Plan 2013 - 2018, which will guide the future growth of the campus. Many of you attended consultation meetings at both the Orillia and Thunder Bay campuses during October, filled in our "Tell Us What You Think" online survey and responded to the first draft of the Plan. 

The Orillia Campus Plan has now been finalized and can be viewed here.

View highlights of the Plan here.


Appendix A - Business Unit Plan
Appendix B - Education Unit Plan
Appendix C - Interdisciplinary Studies Unit Plan
Appendix D - Social Work Unit Plan
Appendix E - Centre for Sustainable Communities
Appendix F - Lakehead Orillia Centre for Arts, Culture and Community
Appendix G - Student Affairs Plan
Appendix H - Inter-Campus Administrative Coordination
Appendix I - Campus External Relations (Advancement ) Plan
Appendix J - Georgian College MOU Implementation Plan
Appendix K - Campus Space Utilization Plan
Appendix L - International Enrolment Plan


Campus Planning Resources

Please take a few minutes to review the Campus Planning Resources - you will find an overview of the Orillia Campus development to date, as well as other documents and background information.