Key Performance Indicators

Ministry of Colleges and Universities (MCU) Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

The province of Ontario through the Ministry of Colleges and Universities (MCU) requires all post-secondary institutions to report on the following provincially determined measures.

Graduation Rates

MCU calculates graduation rates by identifying an entering cohort of full-time, year one, new undergraduate students and determining whether or not they graduated within seven years.

Employment Rates

MCU collects employment data for graduates of undergraduate programs through the annual Ontario University Graduate Survey. The Ontario University Graduate Survey is conducted annually to provide insight into students' employment situation six months and two years after graduation from an undergraduate degree program.

The employment rate is defined as the number of employed persons expressed as a percentage of the labour force where the labour force is those persons who were employed, or were unemployed but are looking for work and not enrolled full-time in school. The survey is administered by the Ontario Universities Application Centre on behalf of the Council of Ontario Universities under a contract with the Ontario Ministry of Colleges and Universities.  Data collected includes information on employment rate, salary, skills match, and level of education needed for current position.

OSAP Default Rates 

OSAP default rates are the percentage of students issued Canada-Ontario Integrated Student Loans (COISL) in a given year who did not receive loans or grants through OSAP the following year, and who defaulted on their repayment responsibilities. OSAP default rates are calculated by the MCU.

Indicators prior to 2009: