Labs and Studios

Wednesday, July 7, 2021 - 12:45pm

1.  New Members

2.  Injury/Incident

3.  Returning to teaching/campus issues.

4.  Inspections required prior to September.


Present: M. Moore, J. Sylvestre, A. Diochon, T. Moore, C. Hubbard, G. Oba, C. Surette, F. Appoh, T. King, M. Sorokopud, T. Ojo., J. Joncas

TIME Commenced: 10:02 AM by zoom

  1. Agenda :  Accepted without changes

  2. Minutes: Accepted without changes (JS, JJ)


  1. Incidents/Accidents

    1. ATRC - Glass pipette to bulb injury causing cuts to hand.  Required First Aid, and was recommended to go to clinic/emerg. Unknown whether the worker sought medical help. T. Moore to follow up.


  1. Inspections

    1. Spreadsheet to sign up on Google Drive.  Members will sign up to inspect various departments.  Members cannot be the inspector for their own department/unit. Planned inspection date and time to be recorded so that the Health and Safety Keys at Security can be available.  Two inspections cannot take place at the same time.  Pairs are fine, but a worker rep must be present.  Target date of August 20th to complete all inspections.


  1. Other Business

    1. Return to campus 

- 14 day isolation after domestic travel removed

- Vaccination only required for students staying in residence

- Phased in approach for return to campus; workers still need supervisor approval during Phase/Step 2 and probably Phase/Step 3.

- Air exchanges in classroom will be increased where possible

- MERV 13 filters installed on building supply air where possible, or wall mount HEPA exchangers in some classrooms where air exchanges/filtered air cannot be supplied.

- Labs with fumehoods will not have their air flow/filters changed as they already have recommended 6 air exchanges per hour.  Additionally, changing air supply may affect fume hood draw/function.

  1. Q&A for F2F teaching 

- Distancing?  Current limit from the province to public indoor gatherings is the smaller of 50, or 50% of capacity.  No guidance from the Provincial government on whether post-secondary classrooms count as public gatherings, or publicly accessible spaces.


- Does 50% include labs? Unclear at this time.


- Will reduced capacity mean more lab sections will need to be offered, or labs repeated?  This is being decided at the department/instructor level.


- Will we need to clean/disinfect between groups? Probably, but expecting more guidance

- Are the paper towel dispensers installed for teaching labs?  Four department representatives reported no.  T. Moore will inquire with Physical Plant.


- Will we need to ask screening questions for students entering labs?  Unclear at this time.


  1. Adjournment:  10:30 AM