Labs and Studios Meeting

Wednesday, March 24, 2021 - 10:00am

Present: M. Moore, K. Bhatia, J. Sylvestre, A. Diochon, T. Moore, C. Hubbard, G. Oba, S. Girvin, C. Surette


  1. Agenda :  Accepted without changes (JS/AD)

  2. Minutes: Accepted without changes (JS/AD)


  1. Incidents/Accidents


  1. Chem Eng  - Hotplate/stirrer transferred and used with  a plastic bucket.  Worker did not notice that the hotplate function was on when plugged in, and had left equipment to work elsewhere in the lab.  Lab manager noticed a burning smell and unplugged the equipment.   Recommendation to ensure all settings are correct for the procedure before turning on or leaving equipment. No further action recommended by the committee.


  1. Civil Eng - Tank overfilled and flooded room.  Tank issue resolved, but room was found to be cluttered and impeded cleanup properly.  



  1. Inspections

    1. Perchloric Acid - New entry found in inventory.  Lab had purchased through Datatel/Purchasing office. Prohibited purchase missed at time of order.  Lab group appropriately entered the item into inventory as required, and used approximately 5mL in a standard chemical fumehood.  The perchloric acid is currently in storage, and no use is allowed outside of the CASES perchloric acid rated fumehood. The committee recommended reminder of prohibited chemicals/items list be redistributed to faculty, and that list of dangerous/prohibited chemicals be sent to receiving for review when waybills reconciled.


  1. Biology - Multiple occupants of a large lab were wearing appropriate PPE upon random inspection, but when  inspectors re-entered the lab, the workers were found scrambling to don masks.  Contact tracing protocol explanation given was also vague.  Recommendation to supervisor that the COVID protocols discussed and clarified with all lab workers with approved access.  T. Moore confirmed that this discussion has occurred.

  1. Other Business

    1. Laser - Laser installation ongoing.  Warning sign at door to be installed.   Laser safety program now on D2L.


  1. Freezers in CASES - issues with frost buildup and concern of animal carcass if freezer power is off.

  1. Adjournment:  10:49 AM