Offices and Classrooms Meeting

Friday, March 19, 2021 - 11:00am


  • Elaine Doiron (COPE)
  • Cindy Haggerty (COPE)
  • Lindsay Hedlund (Guest)
  • Ursula MacDonald (Ex-Officio member)
  • Leslie Malcolm (Schedule II)
  • Juan Pernia (LUFA)
  • Sue Viitala (Schedule II)


1. Approval of Agenda – Approved.

2. Acceptance of Minutes (November 16, 2020) – Moved: Leslie Seconded: Sue Approved

3. Outstanding Business – Update on recertification from Ursula.

4. Inspections – Inspections only done in labs and studios where people are working. No inspections for offices and classrooms made due to lockdown and COVID-19 cases: this will continue until the lockdown is finished. No classrooms and offices are being used. Inspections will be needed in the summer.

5. Injury and Accident Reports – One case of repetitive movement injury that led to surgery from employee working from home: TA assisted with typing for instructor. A COPE member pulled a muscle while managing 150 archived files on campus and is receiving physiotherapy Ergonomic Assessments – None.

6. New Business/Open Discussion –

6.1. Physical plant met school of nursing regarding abatement: Lead paint is being removed in the 1st floor bathroom and 2nd floor nursing classroom. During the spring and summer, work will be done on another building: Ursula is waiting for confirmation.

6.2. In fall, Ursula would like to eliminate assessment areas and move to other areas.

6.3. An annual 2021 Air Sampling is taking place in 26 locations on campus in the CB, UC, and RB. Ursula is suggesting that the location of those 26 places should be reviewed in the fall. Perhaps we should be changing some of the locations where the samples are taking place.

6.4. Action: In June’s JHSC meeting (offices and classrooms), the 2021-2022 member list will be updated. Maps will be shared to see what was already done and what is left to do with inspections.

6.5. Someone else is going to take over the wellness committee: Adam’s last day is May 7th.

6.6. Mobile Safety app is for anyone who is going on campus. It is to be completed before coming on campus. A badge is generated and Security can randomly approach anyone to inspect their app badge. Failed results on the app get sent to HR. Employees must notify their supervisor ahead of time and use a sign in sheet (supervisor approval required). Concerns were discussed regarding visitors who may not use app and not wearing masks: the COVID transition committee should be made aware.

6.7. Return for the fall depends on the District Health unit and provincial directive. LU is upgrading technology to offer in person and online simultaneously.


7. Next meeting – June 2021