Labs and Studios - Special Meeting

Wednesday, May 6, 2020 - 11:00am

Present: J. Joncas, M. Moore, M. Sorokopud, K. Bhatia, A. Diochon, C. Surette, S. Girvin, J. Sylvestre, T. Moore, U. MacDonald, G. Oba, S. Girvin, K. MacMillan, D. Micheli-Pedwysocki, S. Marcinowsky, B. Stolar, A. Klymenko, H. Chesterman, P. Tallon, T. King, TC Tai, B. Womeck, S. Scott, S. Kurissery, J. Sieker


1.0               Agenda :  Accepted without changes


2.0               Survey of Concerns:


2.1               J. Joncas – keeping students/non-lab members from entering the lab, lack of space.


2.2               J. Sieker – cleaning schedule, when will labs be occupied


2.3               K. Bhatia – how to run mandatory lab sessions, thinking about using live video demonstration, to have students not have to attend labs face to face


2.4               T. King – already implemented one researcher at a time in the facility, concerned about PPE availability


2.5               M. Moore – teaching concerns, in particular the greenhouse space.  Many office spaces are shared and not 2 m wide


2.6               S. Scott – same concerns as J. Sieker and S. Kurissery


2.7               M. Sorokopud – same concerns as F. Appoh


2.8               P. Tallon – have a staggered use plan, PPE availability, screening of people entering the buildings


2.9               U. MacDonald – Social distancing will be in place for some time, will have to make creative solutions to achieve it


2.10           S. Girvin – labs have been dormant, which is a hazard in itself


2.11           S. Kurissery – fieldwork distancing concerns, Orillia labs are small and multi-use, should have one point person managing re-occupation, coordinating PPE and cleaning


2.12           S. Marcinowsky – currently cleaning high touch surfaces twice daily, as more people access buildings these areas will increase and will be difficult to track where people are accessing


2.13           B. Womeck – number of people using the station will increase and there are some concerns about maintaining 2m distance


2.14           C. Surette – have space to separate grad students etc. who need to access lab facilities


2.15           Amanda – transportation to field work and how to accommodate physical distancing measures, potential for personal vehicles to be used or conducting fieldwork alone, planning to not access field work in/near vulnerable communities, how to manage if someone becomes ill and needs to isolate in the field, and how undergrad summer research assistants will fit into the mix


2.16           A. Klymenko – ensure that people who are coming back are comfortable with measures in place, hand sanitizer available, labs that are too small for physical distancing will have to plan other ways to achieve, need for an institutional SOP and distribute to faculty/staff, consequences for not observing the requirements


2.17           B. Stolar – how classes with laboratory component will operate, physical distancing visual reminders


2.18           D. Micheli-Pedwysocki – Plant will need to know where occupied and when


2.19           F. Appoh – access to building (swipe didn’t work), Paleo DNA internship this summer with 4-5 students at once with other measures employed, instrumentation is well suited unless a whole class needs to use one piece of equipment at once.


2.20           G. Oba – teaching labs scheduled for the end of August and they are full, how to manage


2.21           H. Chesterman – controlled access in place at this time for those without key access to buildings


2.22           J. Sylvestre – labs are generally scheduled 8:30-5:30 in the same space, how tech will sanitize between groups, what to clean and with what supplies?



3.0               Guidance Resources Requested/Required:


3.1               SOP is needed to guide physical distancing measures and to be distributed to faculty/staff and students.  Template SOP, with standard sections/measures and an annex for lab specific measures.

3.2                Physical reminders to keep distance would be very helpful

3.3               Checklist to re-open lab safely

3.4               Guidance on homemade/cloth PPE

3.5               Senior Management Team stressing that minimum amount of time on campus in early stages of re-opening would be beneficial


4.0               Adjournment: 12:07 PM

5.0               NEXT MEETING: TBA