Offices & Classrooms - May 15, 2020

Friday, May 15, 2020 - 9:45am


Start 10:00 a.m.
Elaine Doiron (COPE)
Cindy Haggerty (COPE)
Ursula MacDonald (Ex-Officio member) (Robert)
Leslie Malcolm (Schedule II mgmt.)
Juan Pernia (LUFA)
Sue Viitala (Schedule II)
1. Outstanding Business
1. A committee focused on the transition to recovery, including the fall reopening of classes, is
meeting every 2 weeks remotely. A Covid transition committee has been created to provide
guidance regarding all matters pertaining to Covid and the University. Cindy read a list of
concerns. The recovery plan will differ per department. At this time, concerns should be directed to
the Chair/Supervisor, who transfers concerns to the Dean/Supervisor who communicates to the VP
or equivalent. Lakehead will make an announcement by June 1st on fall course status. Mail delivery
status in September to be determined.
Action: Ursula to pass on how we can provide feedback to the committee focused on the
transition to recovery.
2. Online training opportunities for CPR.
Action: Ursula will send an email to the committee to confirm the cost and who can provide the
training and when.
3. Sick leave discussion: Long term application requires a doctor’s note but time off over 3 days
due to illness will require a doctor’s note when the supervisor is suspect of legitimacy.
4. Inspections – NONE
5. Injury and Accident Reports & Ergonomic Assessments – NONE
6. New Business/Open Discussion
1. Asbestos Abatement: Ongoing. Bids sent out with Physical Plant.
2. Fieldhouse: Construction going ahead.
3. Air Quality Sampling: Office results for the CB came in and the air is ok. Hallway testing has not
been completed yet. 2019 asbestos audit has been done and submitted to Physical Plant. The
zone air quality testing (for asbestos) has not been completed, the special committee will need
to meet again to discuss if we need to continue the testing, and If so should the zones be

changed. Any specific requests for air quality testing by faculty should be forwarded to Physical

4. Wellness Advisory Committee: Meeting coming up Thursday.
Action: Ursula will report on her meeting.
5. Health and Safety Certification Training: Ursula to find out if there are any on-site training
opportunities planned for this year. The online option is always available. Cindy’s certification
will expire in May 2020; Schedule II management member requires training.
6. Coronavirus Update: Ursula reported that a committee is established to oversee decisions and
action plans regarding the virus impacting the university. The Covid Transisiton Committee as
well as there will be other Committees dealing directly with specific areas.