Offices & Classrooms - April 29, 2019

Monday, April 29, 2019 - 2:45pm
Start 10:00am
Human Resources Meeting Room
Cindy Haggerty (COPE)                                                   Regrets:Sue Viitala (Schedule II) Shanon Arnold (Schedule II)
Dr. Juan Pernia,(LUFA)
Ursula MacDonald (Ex-Officiomember) Leslie Malcom, (Schedule II mngnt)
  1. Outstanding Business – NONE
2.                   Inspections
Will start soon, on Thursdays. @ 1:30pm.
3.                   Injury and Accident Reports
March 2019: Two slips on ice, no injury; One allergic reaction in office – occurs every spring and fall; One banged shin on coffee table; One trip on Library staircase, due to loose tile.
April 2019: Sciatic pain from chair & requests ergonomic assessment.
Ergonomic Assessments
Feb.- April 2019: two
4.                   New Business/Open Discussion
  1. Inspections continue. Plans to meet and discuss.
    1. The two current asbestos projects were modified and combined into one: Annual required removals and the 4th floor, of the BS-1 fan system. Waiting for approval to award.
    2. Sue Viitala is stepping down, from this committee. Another Schedule II member and a CUPE member is required.
      1. Barb Hayward is the benefits contact, in Human Resources.
5. 2018 Annual Air Sampling showed all spaces to be ‘below detectable limit’, or ‘within acceptable amounts’. Due to 2019 ACM Removals, the committee will meet to review possible new sample locations, in early 2020.
  1. CB4082B occupant has relocated to CB4082F, and has concerns regarding asbestos.
  2. Wellness Committee-Okanagan Charter, will begin after graduation.
Next meeting: TBD, HR meeting room.