Labs & Studios - October 17, 2018

Wednesday, October 17, 2018 - 9:00am
AC 147

Present: C. Surette, M. Sorokopud, A. Diochon, J. Sylvestre, E. Searle, T. Moore

TIME Commenced:     9:29 AM

1.0   Agenda :  Approved.


2.0   Review of Minutes : July 18, 2018 – Approved with amendment (add E. Searle to attendance)


3.0   Inspection Reports:


4.0            Incident Reports:

4.1   Biology

4.1.1   Student lost consciousness while on field trip to Mount McKay

4.1.2   Student felt it was due to overheating

4.1.3   Students will continue to be reminded the importance of eating prior to excursions and dressing in appropriate clothing

4.2   Chemistry

4.2.1      Student was adjusting apparatus in an undergraduate lab.  Aluminum block was used on heat plate and warmed up faster than student had expected.

4.2.2      Student moved the block with bare hand after the heat plate had been turned on and received a small burn to a finger.

4.2.3      Injury was reported immediately and first aid administered.

4.2.4      Students to be reminded that metal conducts heat quickly and appears identical to cold metal (or glass)

4.2.5      No further recommendations from Committee.


5.0            Old Business:

5.1   CB 3035 blocked exits – deferred

5.2   Fumehoods - deferred



6.0            New Business:


6.1   Injury Stats

6.1.1     Committee reviewed a preliminary charting of incident and injury data for LU labs historically

6.1.2     Tiffany to make some changes for next meeting

6.1.3     This information will be shared within committee/departments and during new hire orientation


6.2   Lab Map Updates

6.2.1      During responses to lab incidents, responders who may/may not be very familiar with the lab in question find it difficult to know where emergency items or hazards are stored. 

6.2.2      H&S working with Plant to re-draw maps of all lab floorplans to note hazards, emergency equipment locations etc. on floor plan to assist in emergencies, inspections/investigations, training of new personnel.

6.2.3      Starting with Centennial building due to the greatest number of lab hazards in that space. 

6.3   MOL/WHMIS 2015 Update

6.3.1      MOL visited for a proactive visit twice in September regarding WHMIS 2015 and assistance in procuring comparison lab injury stats for university labs.

6.3.2      Currently there is a legal challenge regarding the re-labelling of containers to remove WHMIS 1988 symbols.

6.3.3      We have been directed to concentrate on training and ensuring SDSs are up to date.


6.4   New Lab Spaces

6.4.1     Several areas on campus will need to be added to the Lab’s inspection list

6.4.2     CASES

6.4.3     Powerhouse Lab

6.4.4     LUARS


7.0            Adjournment: 10:08 AM