Office and Classrooms - October 9, 2018

Tuesday, October 9, 2018 - 10:15am


October 09, 2018

Start: 10:12 a.m.

Human Resources Meeting room



Employee Members                                                          Management Members

Cindy Haggerty (COPE)                                              Leslie Malcolm, Coordinator

Shanon Arnold (Schedule II)                                    Learning Technologies & Innovation

Dr. Juan Pernia (LUFA)



Sue Viitala (Schedule II)



Ursula MacDonald (Ex-Officio member)



1.         Outstanding Business


A)   The Draft Terms of Reference for this committee are available in our google shared folder.  Members are asked to provide input directly in document before the next meeting.  A separate meeting will be set up to deal with this matter.


B)   Ursula circulated the following link to e-training opportunities:


Members to forward requests for paid training to Ursula.  Ursula will keep

members apprised of training available locally (in-person).



2.         Inspections

            The only inspections outstanding for 2018 are CB and ATAC.  These will be          conducted during the December break.          


3.  Injury and Accident Reports


  • June 2018 – an Admin. Assistant tripped on a side walk and hurt her knee and throat. There were no obvious reasons why the employee fell, as the side walk was even, dry and there were no other obstructions noted.


  • July 2018 – no reports


  • August 2018 – an employee in the Office of Finance tripped on a broken tile in a hallway, fell and hurt left ankle, ham string and foot. Work order to replace the tile was put in with Physical Plant.


  • An employee with the Native Nursing Entry program was using a wheeled cart in the parking lot.  One of the wheels got caught in a pot hole and the employee was thrown over the cart.  A work order was placed to have the pot hole fixed.


Ergonomic Assessments; 


Approximately 15 ergonomic assessments have been completed from January to September, 2018.



4.  Business/Open Discussion;


1. Ursula advised that the removal of paint containing lead continued this summer.  Three (3) hallways on the 1st floor of School of Nursing had the paint removed and were repainted with new, non-lead containing paint.


2.  There will be additional work undertaken in the School of Nursing the week of Oct.09-12, 2018.  A type 1 operation using a HEPA fitted vacuum the contractor will be removing any pain that is peeling. The areas where this work will take place are;


1st floor Rooms: 1002F, X1011A, 1006C, 1045, 

2nd floor Rooms: 2002AA, 2002AB, 2008 & 2011.


3.  In July 2018 air quality testing was conducted in the School of Nursing focusing on the North West corner offices and a lab.  The scope of work included testing for: CO2, CO, VOCs, RH, ACM, and LC.  The test results came back as negative and/or not elevated. The test results of this assessment are similar to the results obtained in 2013 when a similar set of tests was conducted.


A full report is available electronically to anyone who wishes to obtain a copy. Please contact Ursula MacDonald in the Office of Human Resources.


4.  A bulk sample located in the SN 1021 offices was submitted for an analysis. The sample was found to be made up of synthetic fibrous material with portions of white and black material.  NO asbestos was detected in the sample.


A full report is available electronically to anyone who wishes to obtain a copy. Please contact Ursula MacDonald in the Office of Human Resources.


5.  Juan asked about cannabis policy on campus in light of the legalization of cannabis on October 17, 2018.  Ursula advised that the policy rests with Senior Administration and it should be available this week.


6.  Shanon updated the Committee in regards to all areas where the asbestos removals have taken place. These areas are as follows; Type 2 removals in several mechanical rooms and service areas, Type 2 cleaning in few offices and one corridor and Type 3 in CB X4003 stairwell, (X) UC 0037 areas, UC 0037 A and CB 4066 mechanical rooms and Aramark storage.



Next meetingNext meeting – TBD.