Office and Classrooms - May 11, 2018

Friday, May 11, 2018 - 10:00am
Human Resources Meeting Room

Lakehead University

Joint Employee-Management Occupational Health & Safety Committee

Office and Classrooms


May 11, 2018
Start: 10:00 a.m.
Human Resources Meeting room
Employee Members                                                          Management Members
Cindy Haggerty (COPE)                                              Leslie Malcolm, Coordinator
Shanon Arnold (Schedule II)                                    Learning Technologies & Innovation
Dr. Juan Pernia (LUFA)
Sue Viitala (Schedule II)
Ursula MacDonald (Ex-Officio member)
1.         Outstanding Business
A)   The Draft Terms of Reference for this committee are available in our google shared folder.  Members are asked to provide input directly in document before the next meeting.
Members to forward requests for paid training to Ursula.  Ursula will keep
members apprised of training available locally (in-person).
2.         Inspections
  • February 22, 2018 – Library, Health Sciences Building
  • February 23, 2018 - 1294 Balmoral Street
Next round of inspections will be scheduled after the May long weekend.  Cindy
will schedule these inspections.
3.  Injury and Accident Reports
  • Feb. 2018
    • Instructor supervising clinical placement at the Thunder Bay Health Sciences Centre, slipped on ice in the parking lot and sustained fracture which resulted in loss of work time.
    • Staff member slipped on ice in Avila parking lot.  Medical aid only.
    • Staff member slipped on ice in Lot 5.
    • Mar. 2018
      • Staff member and student worker in Athletics were in car accident on their way to university event.  No medical issues were sustained.
    • Apr. 2018 – no reports
    • May (as of May 11), 2018
      • Delay in receiving WSIB claim from Feb. 2018 (lot 5) incident
      • Employee was reminded of protocols for WSIB submissions for workplace injuries.
Ergonomic Assessments;
Approximately 10 ergonomic assessments have been completed from January to April, 2018.
Brief discussion took place about procedures/practices on follow-up to implemented assessments (e.g., is accommodation is working).  Due to limited resources, no formal follow-up procedures are currently in place; however, HR will follow-up if contacted about an accommodation.
A question was asked about what happens to products after an employee for whom the product was purchased leaves the institution.  If purchased with departmental funds, resources remain with unit.  Products purchased with HR funds are retrieved and reused if possible.
4.         New Business/Open Discussion
  1.  Ursula indicated that Wellness now falls under her portfolio.  Currently a smoking cessation campaign is being planned by Health and Counselling. A poster is under development targeting students and staff. Ursula will provide language that targets staff.  Committee members are asked to provide Ursula with suggestions for where the posters should be distributed/posted.
  1. Ursula indicated that Shannon Scott is the new Human Resources Partner at the Orillia Campus.  A new Human Resources Partner will be starting at the Thunder Bay campus at the end of May.
  1. The University is dealing with two Ministry of Labour (MoL) complaints filed May 3 and May 10.  The May 3 compliant related to peeling and chipping of lead-based paint in the School of Nursing. The May 10 complaint relates to inadequate heating and air quality in a personal office space in the School of Nursing. The full MoL reports, including any required actions can be viewed here: May 3, 2018 and May 10, 2018  .  All field reports have been posted on main Health and Safety bulletin boards on campus.
Members of Physical Plant, Sue, Shanon, and Ursula met to discuss the plan of
action for responding to the MoL May 10th report.  The draft response will be
viewed by a representative of the JHSC.
  1. Shanon advised that asbestos has been removed in Residence, a mechanical room, and a mechanical room in the basement of the University Centre. Asbestos removal will commence May 22 in the Centennial Building and will include: stairwell, hallways, and offices.
Next meetingNext meeting – TBD.