Labs & Studios - May 16, 2018

Wednesday, May 16, 2018 - 9:00am
AC 147

Labs and Studios Minutes – May 16, 2018    

Present: H.Forsyth, E. Searle, P. Alderson, S. Girvin, C. Surette

TIME Commenced:     9:09 AM

1.0   Agenda :  Approved with Additions: Chem Stores SDSs & Big Thunder Use


2.0   Review of Minutes : March 21, 2018 - Approved


3.0   Inspection Reports:

3.1   Chemical Engineering – New eye wash tags needed, new emergency procedures charts needed, extinguisher tag almost overdue, flammables to be stored in a cabinet, outlets installed not by Physical Plant, chemicals stored in drying oven

3.2   Kinesiology – Electrical panel blocked, test eye wash weekly

3.3   Visual Arts – Test eye wash weekly, test shower every 6 months

3.4   Chemistry – Test showers every 6 months

3.5   Civil Engineering – Bear Veramixer cord needs repair, test eye wash weekly

3.6   Geology – Test eye washes weekly, label containers, chemical storage incompatibilities, hydrofluoric acid in use – update inventory, calcium gluconate – dried up, must replace, test shower every 6 months, plug cords in fully, device with exposed 120 V wires – needs enclosure


4.0            Injury/Incident Reports:


4.1   Chemical Engineering

4.1.1 Student cutting tubing for experiment with exacto knife.

4.1.2 Hand slipped and cut top of middle finger on opposite hand.

4.1.3 Student compressed the cut, washed hands and put bandage on cut.

4.1.4 Student went to Student Health and Counselling Centre to have cut looked at.

4.1.5 Student indicated that she could have cut the tubing using a safer method.

4.1.6 No recommendations from JHSC


5.0            Old Business:

5.1   Natural Gas Training

5.1.1     Scheduled for June 8th at 9:00 am in AC 147

5.1.2     Some JHSC members as well as Security will attend

5.1.3      Committee suggested a September session be organized as well for Faculty/Staff in CB building who frequently report natural gas smells

5.1.4      Physical plant will also be installing Natural Gas sensors to the CB basement as a trial

5.2   WHMIS changeover requirements and eRPortal training

5.2.1     WHMIS changeover requirements scheduled for May 28th at 10 am in ATAC 3004

5.2.2     eRPortal training scheduled for May 31st at 10 am in ATAC 3003

5.2.3     Committee is encouraged to pass on this information to colleagues or anyone they think may require training


6.0   New Business:

6.1   MOL Inspection Blitz

6.1.1      MOL industrial inspection blitz for 2018-2019 will focus on machine guarding and new and young worker safety

6.1.2      Committee members during inspections should ensure examination of all machine guards to ensure they are not missing and that they are intact

6.2   Fire Extinguisher Training

6.2.1     Scheduled for May 31st at 1:30 pm starting in Avila Cafeteria

6.2.2     Committee encouraged to pass this information on to anyone they feel may need this training

6.3   Chem Stores – SDSs

6.3.1      Committee member brought up concern over students purchasing chemicals from Chem Stores but not getting SDS or enough information on the vial to determine where chemical comes from

6.3.2      Committee members suggested to add eRPortal item # on the vials so that students can use this to enter in the chemical to their inventory and access the correct SDS

6.3.3      H.Forsyth to consult D. Puumala from Chem Stores about JHSC suggestion.

6.4   Big Thunder Use

6.4.1      Big Thunder is now being used by police as a live training location

6.4.2      Even though a sign is posted stating that police training is in progress, those who use the area should be made aware that this training is occurring

6.4.3      H. Forsyth to look into informing departments that use the area


7.0   Adjournment: 9:41 AM


NEXT MEETING: July 18th 2018