Retail and Physical Support Service - April 19, 2018

Thursday, April 19, 2018 - 9:15am

Health and Safety Committee Meeting

Retail and Physical Support Service

Lakehead University

955 Oliver Road


Date:  April 19, 2018

Place: Avila- Physical Plant meeting room

Time: 9:15 a.m.


Present:  Steve Girvin, Ursula MacDonald, Darren Carlin, Rob McCluskey, Stan Nemec, Mike Davis, Heather Spivak

 Regrets:  Hugh Briggs, Fred Plank, Brian Cox


OLD Business:

  1.        A.        Steve reported that the floor in the Power house is breaking.  There are no        vehicles allowed inside. The area is cornered off with signs advising of the danger,          until such time as a decision is made how the floor will be fixed. Jan.21, 2016 Steve            advised that this project will be put on a list of capital projects for the 2016-2017 fiscal   year. 

Nov.16/17 - a structural engineer has bene retained to complete an assessment a recommend a temporary fix. On going

Apr.19/18 – the structural engineer will be submitting drawings soon for a review by Physical Plant

            B.  Radio communications in PACI continues to be a problem, especially the         basement.

                 March 15/18 – Steve will be setting up a meeting with Hugh and TSC to discuss             communication options for the mechanical crew. It seems that the issues with the            radio are ongoing and Steve would like to see a permanent resolution.

            C.  There is a meeting set up for Thursday, June 29, 2017 with Physical Plant, Security and Health and Safety to discuss and hence develop a procedure for responding to natural gas call outs.  October 19, 2017 – we are waiting for Security to review and finalize the procedure.  Mike Davis will provide an update at the next meeting. Ursula will follow up.

                        Apr.19/18 – The director of Security has responded in an email identifying how the Security staff is to respond to calls/notifications of natural gas calls. He has requested that Physical plant provide information about the location of all natural gas shut offs on campus. Steve advised that this will be submitted to Security soon.

            D.  The mechanical group is requesting a review of our confined space procedure. The group is asking for an official review of our space to ascertain which areas are considered as confined space. The group would also like to receive some training in regards to confined space.

                        March 15/2018 – Steve has been in touch with Intola Safety to provide training and inspection of areas at the University which are under question for confined space.

                        Apr.19/18 – it is anticipated that Intola Safety will be here in the month of May to begin this process.

            F.  The electrician raised a concern about smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in residence. Many times when the electricians arrive to install/fix them they have already been disconnected.  Brian will look into the situation and reinforce the seriousness of the matter. Students who are dismantling/damaging lifesaving device are fined by the University. A suggestion was made to have stickers by the devices advising that no one should be tampering with the life saving device.

            G. Heather raised a concern about Shipping and Receiving. The staff are concerned about black mould in this space due to presence of water. Anytime the snow melts or when it rains, the water pours into the building soaking and rotting the wood inside.

            Apr.19/18 – old furniture was cleaned and removed and additional cleaning is ongoing.

            H.  Heather also raised a concern about the forklift in the Shipping and Receiving area.  The forklift is old and the engine burns oil and it creates hazardous gases harmful to the employees. The issue is worst during winter months    when they are unable to open the door.

            Apr.19/18 – need an update on this situation


New Businees:

  1. 1.     Housekeeping are requesting that a new BFI bin with a side door be provided at the back of CB. A side door allows employees to throw out garbage without having to reach above their shoulder. 
  1. 2.    Bathrooms in the loading dock of the UC center are very dirty. Armark is supposed to be cleaning them but they have not done so.


Injury Report:

Grounds – An employee injured his shoulder (rotary cuff strain) while throwing garbage into a BFI bin.  Employee on modified duties for several weeks.


Near Misses:



Inspections Outstanding;

  • Bike Shelter – Fred and Stan
  • Braun Building – Darren, Rob and Steve
  • Centennial Building
  • Radio House – Mike Davis


NEXT MEETING:    Thursday, May 17, 2018 in Avila – Physical Plant meeting room at 9:00 a.m.