Offices and Classrooms - January 11, 2018

Thursday, January 11, 2018 - 10:00am

Lakehead University

Joint Employee-Management Occupational Health & Safety Committee

Office and Classrooms



Jan.11, 2018

Start: 10:09 a.m.

Human Resources Meeting room



Employee Members                                                              Management Members

Cindy Haggerty (COPE)                                                      Leslie Malcolm, Coordinator

Shanon Arnold (Schedule II)                                     Learning Technologies & Innovation

Dr. Juan Pernia (LUFA)

Sue Viitala (Schedule II)



Ursula MacDonald (Ex-Officio member)


1.         Outstanding Business

A)   The Committee would like to review and update where necessary the Terms of Reference. Ursula will attempt to locate them and bring them to the next meeting.

B)    The members of the Committee expressed interest in inspection training, via web

or ½ day class. 


2.   Inspections

       None this period.

  • Ursula will schedule inspections to take place during the reading week, Feb.20 to Feb.25, 2018 


3.  Injury and Accident Reports

  • Jan.2018 – School of Nursing.  Faculty member scratched her leg on a piece of metal protruding from a filling cabinet. First aid only.


Ergonomic Assessments; 

 There have been 20 ergonomic assessments completed from January to Dec. 2017.


4.   New Business/Open Discussion

  1.  A member from the Office of Human Rights & Equity was invited to the meeting to speak about their “ Campus Safety Audit.”  The employee explained that the campus safety audit is the process by which campus spaces are assessed for their perceived safety and inclusivity.
  1. Ursula advised that a new AP of Human Resources has been hired. His name is Adam Shaen and he will start employment on Monday, Jan.29, 2018.
  1. Shanon advised that asbestos removal projects are going to tender very soon. There will small areas where Type 3 removal will take place and larger areas with Type 2. Shanon will provide specific areas where the removal will take place at our next meeting.


Next meeting:  Next meeting – May 2018 when regular school term is completed